The Holy Month has brought with it a host of suitably fabulous exclusive Ramadan collections that we’re coveting.

With so many brands, from Burberry to Bambah, all designing specific collections for the Holy Month we picked our favourite pieces and shot five of the region’s most fabulous girls-about-town modelling the looks, at the same time we also got them to reveal what this special time means to them.

Banan Alawneh, Creative Director and Photographer Wears: Bambah Ramadan Exclusive

Banan Alawneh, Creative Director and Photographer Wears: Bambah Ramadan Exclusive

Kaftan Dhs2,400 Bambah; Shirt Dhs499 Tommy Hilfiger; Trousers Banan’s own; Shoes Dhs5,890 Fendi; Sunglasses Dhs790 Calvin Klein Jeans

What does Ramadan mean to you? It’s a month to cleanse the soul. It’s about family, connection and the best version of you.

How will you be spending The Holy Month? In Ramadan I tend to be with my family more often, gathering for Iftar and spending quality time with friends and people close to me. It makes me calmer in my daily life and is a reminder to count my blessings.

Tell us about your Ramadan style… My style during Ramadan is more or less the same but I tend to layer more using long skirts, kaftans and oversized vests.

Zareen Shah, Make-Up Artist and Blogger at Wears: Endemage Ramadan Exclusive

Zareen Shah, Make-Up Artist and Blogger at Wears: Endemage Ramadan Exclusive

Jacket Dhs2,850 Endemage; Sunglasses Dhs200 Nasty Gal; Earrings Dhs850 and bracelet Dhs885 both Maria Black at; Dress and trainers Zareen’s own

What does Ramadan mean to you? Well, it means a lot of things but the first and most important part for me is the ‘cleansing’ part. It helps me to reassess everything that I’m doing; right and wrong, and what changes I need to put into effect to really make a difference to my soul, my mind and my heart. Just as we need to detoxify our body and get rid of unwanted toxins, Ramadan does just that for my spirituality.

How will you be spending The Holy Month? Ramadan is the one month where work comes to a standstill for most of us make-up artists, so it’s the time I usually visit my mother in the Philippines as I have an entire month to myself. My mother is wheelchair-bound after suffering a stroke a few years back, so I make a point of visiting her at least once a year.

Ramadan is definitely a very different experience here in Manila compared to a Muslim country, but I try to make do with what I can. I have an Athan App on my phone so I still hear the Athan five times a day regardless of where I am. It is extremely difficult to pray if I’m out running errands but that’s a challenge many Muslims face in Western countries. You really have to put in more effort to feel the whole ‘Ramadan’ experience here in Manila, but when I’m spending it with the one person that sacrificed so much for me, it takes this Blessed Month to a whole another level for me.

Tell us about your Ramadan style… My outfits consist of maxi dresses and loose culottes which are also easy to pray in.

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Sofia Al Asfoor, Handbag Designer Wears: Burberry Prorsum Ramadan Exclusive

Sofia Al Asfoor, Handbag Designer Wears: Burberry Prorsum Ramadan Exclusive

Dress, Dhs23,995 Burberry Prorsum; Shoes Dhs800 Lacoste; Choker POA Mawi x Khaleda Rajab; Necklace Sofia’s own; Bag Dhs13,500 Sofia Al Asfoor available at Tryano

What does Ramadan mean to you? Ramadan is a time to reflect and thank and appreciate what we have. It’s also a time to spend closely with family and friends. It’s a warm month.

How will you be spending The Holy Month? After a long wait, I have finally received some samples to start prototyping a new bag I’ve been itching to get started. I will be flying to the factory in Spain for developments and production.

Tell us about your Ramadan style… Being mindful of our culture, I enjoy mixing traditional with contemporary pieces during Ramadan – it represents the global hub of different nationalities that Dubai has become.

Aruna Seth, Shoe Designer Wears: Dar Al Aseel Ramadan Exclusive

Aruna Seth, Shoe Designer Wears: Dar Al Aseel Ramadan Exclusive

Dress Dhs1,645 Dar Al Aseel at The Cartel; Top Dhs414 Zeina Zain at The Cartel; Shoes Dhs2,710 Aruna Seth at Level Shoes; Bag Dhs6,050 Gucci

What does Ramadan mean to you? Ramadan is all about being spiritual, patient and forgiving. This month is about reflecting on what we have and, most importantly, learning how to always be thankful. I wish everyone a Ramadan Kareem and a blessed Holy Month!

How will you be spending The Holy Month? I will be spending it with close friends and family and engaging in a few charitable works throughout the month.

Tell us about your Ramadan style… I love wearing long dresses, experimenting with lengths and layering and Ramadan means I can mix and match pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily style together during the rest of the year.

Zarah Amira, Blogger at Wears: River Island Ramadan Exclusive 

Zarah Amira, Blogger at Wears: River Island Ramadan Exclusive

Jacket Dhs549 River Island; Jeans and top Zarah’s own; Shoes Dhs3,450 Gucci; Sunglasses Dhs790 Karl Lagerfeld

What does Ramadan mean to you? Consideration, being conservative and fasting every day.

Tell us about your Ramadan style. I want to be comfortable and covered during the Holy Month and the best way to dress during this time is to keep things simple and let your accessories take centre stage. I also like to incorporate a modern take on traditional dressing, so for instance long jackets and abayas, styled unusually or in a variation of chic patterns and colours.

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Photography: Farooq Salik

Shot on location at Manzil Hotel Downtown Dubai

Hair: Angel Montague Sayers using Eideal

Make-up: Beatriz Gonzalez (