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Featuring flattering cuts constructed from lightweight fabrics with seamless finishes, Myra Swim is redefining swimwear, with nods to icons of the 80s and 90s icons.

What do your first 30 mins of the day look like, your morning routine?

My morning is quite simple. I normally get up brush my teeth, have a shower and watch the news. Then I head to the warehouse via my local coffee shop for breakfast. Twice a week I do Pilates at 6am but other than those mornings my routine is quite simple.

What is at the heart of Myra Swim’s DNA as a brand?

The heart of Myra Swim’s DNA is the ocean. The brand is born from my love of the ocean and surfing. The company is also named after my grandmother Myra (my father’s mother) whom I have amazing memories of spending time with on vacation at the beach.

What has been the biggest hurdle since starting your own brand and how did you overcome it?

The biggest hurdle for me has been finding a solid team. This took me nearly 5 years. I have the most amazing team now and having staff who are passionate as well as loyal is something companies should not take for granted. The workflow and environment at Myra Swim HQ is invaluable.

Because I am so hands-on with my company, I’ve had to go through many stressful years of having to fulfil positions within the company myself and take on bigger workloads because the job wasn’t initially being done correctly.

Do you have any mentors or guides and how does this help navigate the right path?

The only  ‘mentor’ figure other than my parents I’d say is my accountant. He’s been with my family since my parents ran their companies together and has taught me so much about how businesses run financially. He’s also guided me on ways to invest my money strategically within my company & outside of my company. As I said I am so hands-on with my business, knowing how my money is working for me and for my future is something I take a lot of interest in and enjoy learning about. I do follow other entrepreneurs and like reading about their journeys but I’d say learning from my accountant and my parents has been the most beneficial.

Minimal design, close attention to detail and silky fabric choices have created pieces which bridge the gap between swimwear and ready-to-wear. Was this the goal from the outset?

It was 110 per cent my goal. I built my company to fill the gap in the swimwear market and created what was missing. The swimwear industry has grown so much since I started, but back in 2013/14 (before social media has such a strong influence) it was hard to find a brand like ours.

What is your approach to scaling the business?

To me, it’s being consistent and focusing on the brand. A lot of people lose track of their core market. I feel like I stay true to my goal and the brand DNA and we will never lose sight of that. Staying relevant to the market with new designs, but always remembering why my customers buy in the first place is key.

Which colourways/designs have been most popular the globe over and was that a surprise?

To be honest black never fail, it’s timeless. You’d be surprised how big the demand for basic black or neutral bikinis is globally.

This next season I have ignored any trends and am going back to my original colourways based around neutrals. There is such a high demand for a classic low and high-rise bikini bottom. I sell out monthly ad I’m constantly replenishing stock year after year of the same classic designs.

Which key Myra Swim pieces outperform season after season sales wise?

Hugo Bottomsfull coverage (high waisted bottom)

Kahlo bottoms (high waisted thong bottom)

Hunter & Davis one-pieces

Siegil & Diego tops

My bread and butter styles that really never go out of style.

You have clients the globe over – do you see any buying patterns based on regions or countries?

In the US, spring and summer is a busy busy time of year and this is a consistently growing market for us. We’re currently trying to tap more deeply into the European market, which we’ve always been consistent with but I know it can grow a lot more. The most surprising places we ship to are Middle Eastern countries; we have a very solid customer base in Dubai.

What in this market is luxury?

To me when it comes to resort and swimwear, luxury is quality & comfort. 

How do you approach client engagement and retention?

Being responsive and approachable. I have trained my staff to always be approachable and to communicate directly with our customer base. Providing a customer service level that is unparalleled is key.

I’m always listening to my customers, taking on feedback to allows us to grow and develop as a brand.

How has social media affected building Myra Swim?

We’ve used social media growth in general to our advantage as much as possible when it comes to a business but we’ve never focused on it, as one source of marketing. Instead, we’ve focused on building a brand that will be strong without it. Word of mouth is key with any business.

Which Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?

I follow a lot of business pages and other entrepreneurs for inspiration such as Forbes and Business of Fashion.

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

Don’t spend so much time stressing over the small things. I normally use my mistakes as a learning curve but being a perfectionist can sometimes be a weakness. I think I’ve really always had a great mindset when it comes to business and that’s why I’ve been so successful.

If you had not launched Myra Swim which other role would you choose career-wise?

In my childhood years, I always wanted to be a vet or work with animals, the polar opposite to being in the creative world.

This issue is ‘The Positivity Issue’ – how do you stay positive?

Reflecting. Just looking back to the days of me dreaming about the things I have now. Also, staying true to my core beliefs, not forgetting where I came from and surfing.

When it comes to positivity, you have to surround yourself with positive people. You can’t keep a positive mindset being surrounded by negative people.

January’s – ‘The Positivity Issue’ – Download Now

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