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How this top London-based aesthetic doctor is harnessing the future of beauty

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Advanced aesthetic doctor, Dr. Marwa Ali is entrusted to look after some of the most prestigious faces on a global scale.

We ask her – what the future of beauty looks like and how can you future proof your face while still looking natural?

What do the first 30mins of your day look like, your morning routine?

I spend the first 30 minutes of my day reflecting and making a list of the things that I want to accomplish throughout the day. I’ve learned that it’s important to ensure the list is realistic so that I don’t feel disappointed in myself if I’m unable to achieve those objectives.

You’re based out of Harrods in London; how did this arise?

This is a question that I get asked often. The truth is, I have reached my position by sheer hard work and determination. I put in endless hours to refine my skills, built a reputation slowly but surely and was noticed by the right people at the right time via word of mouth. There is no shortcut to success, you have to take the stairs.

What is at the core of your beliefs when it comes to optimizing beauty?

I strongly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and being different makes us beautiful. I think it’s imperative to maintain our cultural and individual identity and aesthetic treatments should be used to enhance what we already have. The aim is to primarily refresh and rejuvenate the face rather than change who we are and create cookie-cutter images of one other. There is no one size fits all, and everyone should have a bespoke treatment plan to achieve their objectives. I’m a huge advocate of the less is more approach.

What has been the largest challenge since being your own band a such- a ‘face’ and how did you overcome it?

My largest challenge has been breaking stereotypes and the stigma associated with being a young, female that is visibly different from an ethnic minority in the aesthetics industry which is largely dominated by our older, male counterparts.

Future of Beauty

Have you had any mentors along the way and if so, what has been the best advice they have imparted to you?

I have had many mentors along the way and continue to seek advice from my colleagues in the Aesthetics Industry until today. No man is an island, so it’s important to be there for those who are new to the industry and guide them if they’re struggling. The most important lessons I’ve learned along the way are the importance of being focused on your own business project and not being distracted by what anyone else who is doing or saying. Success is measured in different ways and with success comes a lot of responsibility, attention and envy. It’s not necessary to respond to everything that’s thrown in your direction, but it is important to remain graceful and humble. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but empires have fallen overnight, so don’t ever drop the ball or get complacent!

Where do you stand in terms of investment? Would you advise entrepreneurs to avoid asking for investment at the outset of their business and is it important to remain in control of the vision?

I think the advice about seeking investment for a start-up business is something that can only be given on a case-by-case basis. Some businesses need an injection of cash to help kickstart it, while others can grow without it. If you can avoid it, I would advise you not to use that funding option as you end up relinquishing a considerable amount of equity very early on while you grow the business yourself. Why not reap the rewards of your own blood sweat and tears if you can rather than handing it over to someone else who saw potential in your ideas and ability to make it big?

The last year was a time that saw brands change strategy. Have you had to pivot as a business?

It’s important to be flexible and respond strategically according to the changes that occur around you. The world is constantly evolving and in order to succeed, businesses need to keep up. During the pandemic, no one was able to travel or attend appointments physically, so I spent time doing online skincare consultations and dispatching skincare remotely as well as focusing on connecting with patients via my social media platform ensuring that there is continual growth and engagement. When restrictions eased, business was booming and better than ever and I was able to make up for the losses incurred over the nine months we were in lockdown in London during 2020 and 2021.

Which is the most common procedure request for optimizing beauty?

More and more patients are seeking non-surgical treatments which give longer-lasting results to ensure they feel rejuvenated, confident and their best self with minimal visits to the clinic and the least possible downtime. The most commonly performed treatments with me are dermal filler injectables, which when injected by the right hands can artfully transform and reverse the signs of ageing whilst simultaneously looking incredibly natural. In addition; combination therapies using tried and tested treatment modalities have increased in popularity, such as the UltracelQplus which uses HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) and radiofrequency for lifting, sculpting and tightening the face and body as well as the intracel or Morpheus 8 which both use microneedling and radiofrequency to improve skin texture and tone. Finally, the newest addition to The Wellness Clinic, the Lumenis Stellar M22™, uses four advanced laser technologies in one platform to tackle over 30 skin conditions, (including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, melasma, acne, scars, stretch marks, tattoo removal, IPL hair removal, freckles and many more), without the need for needles or scalpels and has been particularly successful since it’s introduction post lockdown.

What effect do you see social media having on the growth of your own brand?

Social media has been instrumental to the growth of my brand and business. My online platform has enabled me to engage with a wider audience, increase awareness of the different procedures that are available and clarify any misconceptions in the aesthetics industry.

This is The Future Issue- what do you think is the future of the beauty industry and how do you see yourself being part of that?

I believe the beauty industry and in particular, Medical Aesthetics is growing at an exponential rate and will continue to do so. A lot is being invested into the research and development of different technologies to enable us to deliver far more non-surgically. I’m so excited to be part of an industry that allows us to deliver incredible results without needing to go under the knife and am I excited to see where it takes us in the future.

February’s – ‘The Future Issue’ – Download Now

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