Duha Al Ramadhan, founder of Aubade, talks us through her daily beauty routine.

Talk us through your morning routine.

I start every morning with a workout to get my blood flowing. I don’t drink coffee so I always say that’s my caffeine kick! Post-shower is when I really focus on my skincare routine. I start with a hydrating serum, followed by a mini facial using the Solawave Wand (a red-light therapy device). Then it’s a brightening eye cream, a rich moisturizer and finally, I finish it off with an SPF 50 sunblock.

How does your evening routine differ?

With my evening routine, the products I use are always a bit stronger and richer to ensure maximum absorption over- night. I generally double cleanse after a long day, first with a cleansing balm and then a gel. Then I apply an exfoliating toner, followed by a vitamin C serum, and then a moisturizer with anti-ageing properties. I love finishing off my evening routine with face oil and finally a face mist for ultimate hydration. Oh, and I always have to apply a lip treatment before going to bed. What are your go-to skincare products? I absolutely love The Rich Cream and Face Oil by Augustinus Bader. I’ve also been recently using Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 1970, which is a great exfoliating toner.

Are you a fan of masks?

Absolutely! I love that soothing, cooling, hydrating sensation you feel the second that mask hits your skin. They’re perfect after a tiring week or during a long flight.

How would you describe your approach to makeup?

I’m into super minimal makeup, my go-to is a no-makeup makeup look. And although I love makeup shopping, I find that I’m always buying the exact same shades of nude or barely any colours. In general, I like to feel good in my makeup and not feel like I have anything heavy weighing my skin down. I never wear foundation, I choose lightweight mascaras and prefer blush sticks over powder because they feel more natural and give a beautiful dewy effect. I also tend to wear tinted lip balms over lipsticks because they’re super hydrating and give just the right amount of colour.

What can always be found in your makeup bag?

My makeup essentials are concealer, mascara, blush stick, and tinted lip balm.

Which fragrance are you loving at the moment?

I’m so loyal to the fragrances I wear. I’ve been wearing a scent by Chloé for years, and I have no intention of changing it anytime soon.

How do you choose your evening fragrance?

For evenings and special occasions, I tend to go heavier with the scents I wear. I gravitate toward traditional oud and musk-scented fragrances.

Talk us through your hair routine.

My hair routine is straightforward, I use a sulphate-free shampoo for coloured hair, followed by a conditioner and/or a hair mask depending on the time I have. After it’s washed, I apply a serum and a heat protectant spray before styling it in my go-to undone waves. I try to get Olaplex treatments at the hair salon or use the K18 leave-in mask every now and then.

What is the most unusual item in your makeup bag?

I wouldn’t say it’s unusual, but I always carry a face mist. I love to spray it throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and to give myself a little pick-me-up.

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