The first-ever all-female-operated Starbucks has officially opened its doors in Saudi Arabia.

Located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom, the female-run Drive-Thru store represents the changing work dynamic for women across the nation.

Under the Saudi Vision 2030, a key aim is to improve the lives and rights of women in the Kingdom and its initiatives like this which directly support this goal.

The newly opened Starbucks Drive-Thru only store is managed by a team of all Saudi female partners who are responsible for the day-to-day store operations, customer service, day-to-day administration and brewing coffee for customers.

Per Andy Holmes, President of Starbucks MENA at Alshaya Group, it’s an “exciting time” marking the “first all-female driven operation in the country [for the group]”.

Starbucks Saudi Arabia

“Our first all-female Saudi partners operated Drive-Thru store in KSA is a significant step towards creating more opportunities for women as we continue to build on the local female talent and empowering them in the workplace,” he added.

“As we continue to see a spike in more Saudi women joining the workforce in various sectors, we demonstrate active support to the Kingdom’s focus on empowering Saudi youth and highlighting the role of women by offering access to wider employment and career opportunities.”

At present, women currently make up 20 per cent of Starbucks KSA’s workforce. The group is gaming to increase this to 30 per cent by the end of the year and plans to expand its network further with more and more Saudi female partners.

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Images: Supplied