Inside the wardrobes and homes of the region’s most respected trendsetters and tastemakers

Who: Remi Mobolade

Age: 24

Nationality: Nigerian American

Profession: Account Executive at Expose Communications

“I suppose you could describe me as a thrifty girl from Brooklyn,” says Remi, Account Executive at Expose Communications. If by thrifty she means ultra-cool and completely fashion savvy, to the point where we repeated “Where did you get that from?” for the 50th time, then thrifty she is.

Expose Communications is one of the top PR companies about town, claiming some of Dubai’s hottest lifestyle and fashion brands as its high-profile clients. “Working in such an environment, you have to be on the fashion clock 24/7 and love what you do,” Remi explains. Judging by some of the pieces in her wardrobe, Remi isn’t afraid to speak through her style – her lycra jungle leggings straight from We Are Handsome’s new collection at my-wardrobe.com capture your attention.

When it comes to her abode, you’d expect nothing less than a treasure trove of trinkets. To no surprise, her 54th-floor marina apartment strikes the perfect balance between simplistic chic and vintage paradise, not to mention having an immense view of Dubai’s blue waters. From tasselled lamps sourced from worldwide markets to modern cowhide stools and a heavily scented candle, which is always burning, this PR girl knows how to provide an eclectic vibe. With Remi having just recently relocated to Dubai from New York, we got to riffle through just a small sample of her beloved collection.

My Style

“I would say that I’m street chic, with a tailored edge. I like avant-garde pieces with exaggerated and different shapes, whilst also appreciating the classic coat or pleated trouser.”


 “This space-age stunner is by an amazing Brooklyn-based designer called RHLS, which is short for Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty.”

My Beauty Secret

“I’m absolutely obsessed with fragrances! My favourite beauty tip is just a touch of ruby red crème blush.”

5G0B0133“Fresh is the most amazing brand. Everything is natural, so it’s 100 per cent good for you. I’m also a sucker for design; who doesn’t want a good-looking bottle sitting on their nightstand?” 

5G0B0115 “I’m a huge fan of the Sake scent by Fresh, with Fan di Fendi coming a close second.”

 Bargain Hunter

“It’s all about thrift shopping; I especially love visiting markets when I travel. My favourite place to go is Berlin. My wall at home is covered with pictures from my adventures.”

5G0B0061“Thrift shops are the best places to find interesting and original patterns.”

Style Icons

“The Kooples designer Anne-Catherine Frey is so fascinating. I think she’s got a great look!”


Treasured Pieces

“Brooklyn jewellery brand Species By The Thousands has made two of my most loved pieces – my necklace cast from a sea urchin spine and my ring cast from a fox bone.”

Shop Stop

Needsupply.com and my-wardrobe.com are my go-to shopping destinations, but my all-time-favourite place to shop for an amazing and original piece is the Brooklyn Flea market.”

Uniform Of Choice

“Boyfriend jeans, a button-up, a vintage French blazer, and my beat-up Chuck Taylors. This is my default uniform.”

Closet Confidential 

“I like to keep everything organised: all the dresses together, then the trousers, then the button-ups, crew necks, then V-necks. The same thing with my shoes: boots go together, flats go together, and sandals. I also always put my jewellery in the exact same place inside my vintage cigar box.”

5G0B0084“This jewellery box is actually a vintage cigar carton.” 

5G0B0077“Alia does the most amazing studded bags, and I’m also a huge fan of Rachel Roy.” 

5G0B0099“I found the blue rhino head in a dollar store in Copenhagen. I like to keep him next to my retro sunglasses collection.” 


Written and styled by Alexandra Venison 

Photographed by Vikram Gawde