I was recently invited to a brunch at the Garden of Dreams in Dubai known as the Daydreamer Brunch. The Garden of Dreams is located in the shadow of the Address Beach Resort JBR. I had no idea it was there, and to be honest on arrival, I still took a while to find it. Maybe they should rename it the Secret Garden?

For those attempting to find it, get your taxi to drop you off on the left side of the hotel (usually used for their banqueting valet). Don’t make the mistake of going to the regular hotel reception, as you will have a large flight of stairs to contend with as you descend to the Garden.

The team at Sunset Hospitality have a reputation for quality and creativity. Both those traits were on full display within the small area outside of the hotel which could not have been better utilised by the team. They have somehow managed to create a boutique feel that comfortably sits 200 customers. As you enter, you are immediately hit by a St. Tropez beach club vibe, which sets you up for a fun non-pretentious experience that maintains a quality that one would expect if they had just stepped off of an expensive yacht.

I like a brunch where they serve you by the glass as opposed to a constant fill, as you are then able to keep track of your consumption. If you are someone who needs that constant fill instead, fear not – the staff are absolutely on the ball when it came to replenishing your glass.

In hindsight, I think this is one of the healthiest brunches I have been to. Not that this brunch is positioned as such, but based on their amazing salads (Garden Of Dreams, Feta & Beetroot and Green Lentil) that everyone on our table devoured, there are plenty of healthy options to be had here. A guest at our table commented that a lot of love and thought had gone into its salads – something that was evidently true, though not something one is often used to hearing at a brunch.

The culinary voyage of the Mediterranean continues with some very popular prawns, and freshly baked pizza followed by a protein blast of Roasted Spring Chicken Breast and Grilled Rib Eye steak. The homemade Rigatoni Arrabbiata almost tipped me over the edge, as we continued to eat the amazing food. The chef really is to be commended as the exquisite food proved to repeatedly bring the conversation at our table to a grinding halt while we devoured and savoured the creations. We requested a well-earned break before dessert as we all knew that whatever was coming next, would be equally impressive.

During our self-imposed break, the drinks continued to flow and the entertainment started to ramp itself up with the very talented singers and dancers getting everyone up on their feet to burn off some calories.

Dessert – keeping with the healthy theme – involved a fruit platter, suitably accompanied by an array of beautiful desserts. The next time I go back, I will make sure I have an elastic waistband as I have never eaten so much at a brunch. The Garden of Dreams proved that the quality of food does not need to drop at a brunch. So, if you like your food, and want to be living the dream this weekend of having just stepped off of your 200ft yacht in St. Tropez, then I highly recommend the not-so-secret Garden of Dreams.

The Daydreamer brunch at Garden of Dreams in Dubai takes place each Saturday from 12.30pm to 4pm.

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