Late last week, just two days before Rami Al Ali jetted off to Paris, EW stopped by the designer’s atelier in Jumeirah to catch up and get an exclusive preview of the new collection ahead of his couture presentation in the French capital.

Rami’s showroom is exactly what you expect of an Haute Couturier; all floor-to-ceiling windows flooded with natural sunlight, vases full of fragrant white lilies dotted on very surface and of course, the prized pieces, his dreamy gowns were all on display.

We were warmly greeted by Rami and his beautiful sisters – who are also the models for his fittings, and whisked into the mirrored salon for a sneak preview of his A/W13-14 gowns.


Rami adds the finishing touches to a slinky oyster coloured gown worn by his sister Rania

This will be the Syrian designer’s fourth time showing in Paris and as one of region’s most loved design exports, Rami is hot on the lips of every global style editor and gown-loving girl in town.

We sat down with the designer to find out his Paris hotspots, how it feels to get a bad review and how he’ll celebrate after the the show…


How are you feeling before your the show, have the nerves kicked in?

I’m numb right now but ask me at 2am before the show and we’ll see. 

What has inspired you for A/W13-14?

I looked to the artist Klimt, concentrating on the graphics in his paintings and the controlled mess. I admire his brave use of gold leafing – it’s a very difficult element to tame but Klimt made it look timeless. 

How will you spend your time in Paris post-show? 

I’ll take a lunch break at L’Avenue and stop for a glass of grape in the afternoon at Café de Flore. For dinner I love Hotel Costes, the crowd is wonderful and I’m bound to bump into people I know. 

This is your fourth time showing your collection in Paris, how does it feel to be part of Haute Couture fashion week?

It’s an honor to show in Paris. I think my gowns work on woman from anywhere in the world. From the girl in London to the women in Paris – I try to appeal to all of these women.

Have you ever read a bad review about your collection?

Yes, once by an Italian newspaper but I liked it. In this region people don’t say anything negative. They either say nice things or nothing at all, which is very polite and professional, but a little bit of positive critique never hurt anybody.


How did it feel to see Beyonce wear Rami Al Ali?

It was a total surprise, I found out via Twitter! Her stylist Ty Hunter came to us a few months ago and pulled a few pieces. But you never know if a celebrity will definitely wear the dress until the event.

Who would be your dream person to dress?  

It always changes and quite often celebrities come and go, like a trend. I love old Hollywood glamour with classic looks. When I’m designing I often think about my sisters, I have four and they were the first woman in my life – thanks to me they now have a huge wardrobe! 

 What is the worst thing a woman can wear? 

Big shoulders or something thats forced. I also dont like it when fabrics are not natural. My number one tip? The fabric must flow. 

How will you celebrate once the show is over?

I’ll go to one of my favourite bars where lots of my friends who’ve come to the show will join me for a cocktail. 


 Check back in tomorrow for Rami’s HCFW instagram diary!