Renowned aesthetic dermatologist Dr Chantal Sciuto of Enhance by Mediclinic talks through the newly opened aesthetics clinic in the Dubai Mall and her 20-year career in the cosmetics space.

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s all about enhancing natural beauty. Encompassing this exact philosophy is the newly opened cosmetic clinic Enhance by Mediclinic. Located in the luxurious Perfumery & Co in The Dubai Mall, the premium aesthetic and wellness clinic takes a holistic and 360-degree approach to cosmetics.

With state-of-the-art technology and only the best experts in the aesthetics field, the clinic provides a plethora of services including cosmetology, dentistry, dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic gynaecology, wellness and more where you can create a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

One of the pioneers at the clinic is Aesthetic Dermatologist Dr Chantal Sciuto who is a leader in the field bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront combined with her unique and trailblazing approach to beauty. Having worked in the aesthetics field across the globe, Dr Sciuto always takes an individually-focused approach to all her patients.

To learn more about her approach to aesthetics, including her unique ‘Beauty Couture’ method, as well as everything Enhance by Mediclinic, Emirates Woman sat down with the aesthetics expert.

Enhance by Mediclinic

Talk us through your career.

began my studies in Italy. I then moved to Los Angeles, Brazil and Argentina – pioneer countries in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Now, I am based in Rome with my Studio Sciuto in an open-air museum. My never-ending research continues to leads me to look at cutting-edge technology and the best products in the cosmetic medical world to achieve the perfect beauty and natural results. In my 20-year career, I have worked in many different countries, on many different patients. I am the personal doctor of many celebrities, too, but for everyone I only use the best treatments, to get the best results.

When it comes to aesthetics, what is your approach?

My consultation is the most important step. I take my time with a patient to listen to needs and expectations, never focusing on a single wrinkle and never dwelling on an imperfection. My concept of beauty is linked to harmony as a balance between form and proportion. I always want to emphasise my patient’s own beauty, focusing on their individual look and personality with my Beauty Couture® concept. My consultation is not only to focus on a correction, it’s a rediscovery of “timeless beauty”, a beauty coaching, a personalised skin programme and, of course, planning of treatment.

What do you do differently from other doctors when it comes to aesthetics?

I am a member of scientific boards and medical academies worldwide and always take a step forward to embrace the best cutting-edge dermatology. This means I have priority access to the latest technology in fillers and injectables, even before they come to the market. This is why I have to review my technique very often, according to new products and new trends. My global vision in beauty is to achieve a dynamic result, to be able to achieve natural and more beautiful effects.

Enhance by Mediclinic

You’ve spoken about your bespoke method you refer to as ‘Beauty Couture’. Can you elaborate on this?

When it comes to my Beauty Couture®️ process, I need to listen to everyone’s needs and then check skin conditions and structure original proportions and individual morphology. Using a platinum calliper I do measurements with the highest precision to enhance features and restore face contourings. This unique methodology to get the ‘golden proportion’ is maximized by a professional photo shoot in three dimensions to reveal harmonic contouring and symmetrical volumes. It’s my way to tailor individually (as a high fashion haute couture designer does) the best treatments with the highest technology, to boost each person’s details and to get a unique and personal Beauty Couture®️.

You’re one of the leading experts and doctors at the newly opened Enhance by Mediclinic in The Dubai Mall. What is the concept of the new clinic?

This is a journey into a new concept of wellbeing. Clients are driven into the different areas with a dedicated liaison, consulted in a private cove to explore our signature procedures, delighted with an amazing healthy bar and relaxing after the treatment. All the staff, from the receptionists to the specialist doctors, have been trained for a luxury and unique experience, to give a feeling of total caring. It’s a 360-degree individually focused, to get the perfect beauty planning with the best enhancement of yourself.

Enhance by Mediclinic

How do you hope to help your clients at the new Enhance clinic?

Every person has inner need, an original culture, personal taste and priority in expectations. I delve into my patients’ lives to fully understand how to improve their beauty, to enhance self-confidence, with politeness and full respect. That’s my role as a doctor and my goal as a human being.

Enhance by Mediclinic is located in The Dubai Mall – Perfumery & Co. For appointments call 8003642623 or email Visit for more information. 

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