Ever since launching her blog over two years ago team EW have been firm fans of blogger, Clare Greeves’s quirky sense of style and witty anecdotes.

The Dubai based blogger covers everything from fashion to parties, gossip and everything inbetween.

See below for her style saviours this summer…

1. Kenzo Vans

The first pair of shoes I ever bought were vans, while all my other girlfriends were buying platforms and high heels. When Kenzo and Vans collaborated my life was pretty much complete. 

They are the perfect pair of shoes to wear for any occasion, if any fashionista starts giving you the side eye about wearing flats, just mention they are Kenzo, high heels are a thing of the past (well for this season).

2. The Ahils Ballerina Skirt

Floating in a sea of tulle is my ideal way to spend every day. So it was to my delight when I saw this skirt from the The Ahils.

I like to dress the ballerina skirt down with a pair of high top converse and vintage rock shirt for an effortless glam look that has everyone asking: “OMG where did you get that skirt?”

3. CeeCode CeePlate 

Unless you live under a rock, you will know that the monochrome look is officially the #1 trend this season. Being a lover of bags that have motifs or writing on them, I fell for this CeeCode bag found at Galeries Lafayette.

4. Adeem Snap Back Cap (West LA)

Never one to shy away from statement pieces this hat is perfect worn for a afternoon spent at the Blue Marlin, Dubai. Apart from being OTT and tongue-in-cheek it also protects my face from the sun. What’s not to love?

5. Violent Eyes

Fashion may be an obsession but my lack of talent when it comes to make-up is nothing to brag about. Thankfully I stumbled across Violent Eyes, which creates the perfect cat eye and lasts up to 16 hours.

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