Nestled amongst the dazzling array of nine-inch heels in the Level Shoe district at The Dubai Mall is Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge. A little slice of foot heaven in between the scores of stilettos

This treatment shouldn’t even be classed in the same category as a  ‘pedicure’. A properly trained podiatrist attends to your feet offering a diagnosis and solution to every little blip you’ve had with your size 39s.


Hygiene comes first and foremost – no re-using the tools here or for that matter giant jars of toxic looking disinfectant that look like they’ve been there since the 60s.  Blades and drill attachments come in sealed packs and are thrown away afterwards. Plus the podiatrist always work on dry feet – it’s more hygienic, and she can pinpoint the problems that soaked soft feet just won’t show.

Dry skin, callouses, in-gown nails are tackled with a whirr of a machine and expert hand.  A manipulative foot rub ensures feet are de-puffed and relaxed and skin is intensively hydrated courtesy of the tried and trusted Margaret Dabbs product range, containing the wonderfully restorative Emu Oil.

Your feet look so good you can eschew nail polish altogether and leave the lounge flouncing fabulously looking bare toenails. But for the colour addict, Dabb’s offer the Rococo range on standby, that’s thankfully free of the three chemical nastie’s – formaldehyde, toluene and DBP and also has some good on-trends colours.


Sole Lounge by Margaret Dabbs

Medical Pedicure from Dhs130

(04) 501 6688