Looking for a new career challenge in the UAE? Well, we decided to think outside the box and we were pretty excited by what we found.

Sometimes a career change is more than simply moving to a new company to do a similar role, sometimes it’s about exploring a new side to your skills and passions.

Did you know the original role of minister of happiness was at Google headquarters? The idea behind the chief happiness officer (CHO) is that happy workers make for more productive workers, so the CHO is charged with making sure everyone is content from providing perks to arranging employee parties and team events.

In the UAE, 60 CHO have been appointed to the UAE government. The new recruits have already begun a five-month intensive training course on the ‘science of happiness’.

If you think this sounds like one of the best (and happiest) jobs in the UAE, we think you’re right.

Here, are five other weird and wonderful UAE jobs we want right now.

Ohood Al Roumi Named Minister Of Happiness

Ohood Al Roumi is the UAE’s Minister Of Happiness

Chief Happiness Officer

Salary: We don’t know how much the new recruits are getting, but a HR officer job in Dubai government typically pays Dhs25,706 – Dhs29,379 per month.

Perks: As a professional cheerleader, you’ll be charged with making sure everyone has a smile on their face.


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Aisha Al Mansouri recently became the UAE’s first female pilot of an A380 after graduating from the Etihad training programme in 2007. “I think I have the best job in the world,” she said.

Salary: Pilots in the UAE can expect to earn Dhs30,000 to Dhs75,000.

Perks: Taking the helm of the 500-seat Airbus, you can “breakfast in Abu Dhabi and lunch in London,” says Aisha.

Dolphin trainer

Imagine getting paid to swim with dolphins every day? All in a day’s work for the dolphin trainers at The Atlantis.

Salary: Going by the global average, expect a salary of Dhs8,000 upwards as a marine mammal trainer.

Perks: Your day job is the highlight of most people’s holiday.

uber ice cream

Tasting ice cream for a living, er yes please

Ice cream taster

United Arab Emirates University hit the headlines earlier this year by recruiting ice cream testers to try a new date syrup ice cream, but while research posts like this don’t come along very often, for a lucky few, the opportunity to taste-test ice cream is all in a day’s work.

Salary: Depending on the company and your experience, expect around Dhs15,000.

Perks: You get paid to eat ice cream. Yes, really.

Waterslide tester

The only requirements are that you are a thrill-seeker, who is comfortable going to work in your swimsuit.

Salary: Waterslide testers earn upwards of Dhs7,500.

Perks: Your office is a sun-soaked pool, need we say more?

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Words: Aoife Stuart Madge

Images: Getty