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With a rich history spanning over almost half a century, and as the first fragrance house in the UAE, Swiss Arabian has mastered the perfect blend with classic notes from Arabia infused with influences from the West.

Ensuring expertise, heritage and craftsmanship are at the forefront of all of their creations, the perfume house now has over 70 stores across the GCC and produces more than 35 million perfumes annually, exporting to over 80 countries globally.

With its ever-evolving and expanding range of fragrances, Swiss Arabian has recently introduced its latest collection inspired by a specific Arabic letter.

Introducing the WAAW collection which takes note from the letter و – pronounced “waaw”. In the Arabic language, it’s known as a letter of unity and is used in writing to join words together, which is exactly what Swiss Arabian’s latest collection evokes, bringing everything together.

With Eid Al Fitr approaching, it’s a time for celebration with your loved ones and it’s the perfect opportunity to give a gift with a loving and special meaning behind it, which is exemplified with this latest Swiss Arabian collection.

Encompassing different forms of love, the WAAW collection includes six fragrances – Gharaam, Hawa, Hayaam, Wajd, Walaa and Ishq.

The six premium unisex scents retail for Dhs180 and are available to purchase in Swiss Arabian stores and online at 

The Hero Fragrances


Encompassing soft notes of jasmine, saffron and amber, this fragrance takes inspiration from the first stages of love and specifically means infatuation.


Swiss Arabian Hawa

Meaning desire, this fragrance fuses citrus scents and floral notes including mandarin, rose, orange flower and white jasmine.


With the name meaning adoration, Hayaam is a fragrance that includes warm earthy ingredients like leather and woody amber infused with citrus notes.


Aiming to tell a story of passion, this fragrance features ingredients such as Turkish rose, red apples and patchouli.


Encompassing the true meaning of deep love, this perfume evokes a sense of happiness with notes of lavender, mandarin orange and white jasmine.


A fragrance that is an ode to the powerful form of timeless love, Ishq infuses notes of war, warm black pepper and spicy saffron and later depletes and diffuses notes of roses and smooth leather.

May’s – ‘The Fragrance Issue’ – Download Now

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