They say: Dry, heat-damaged, frizzy hair has never been in fashion. Your hair is your asset, and something you should guard for life. Protecting your hair from the stresses and strains of modern life has never been so easy, with L’Oreal Paris’ new Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil has three core uses: before shampooing, to detangle and nourish the hair; before blow-drying, to protect against dryness; and as a final touch on dry hair – remove that frizzy look and inject shine to your locks.

We say: A pump of this lightweight oil and we’re hooked.

Yes it smells great and doesn’t feel too thick or greasy, but what we really love is what is does to our tresses. We tried it post-blowdry and immediately our flyaway strays were smoothed, frizz calmed and our ends nourished.

We were left with a healthier glossier head of hair – A clear winner!


Tip: For the ultimate hydration boost, apply a thick coat of this oil before bed and wash out in the AM. But make sure to pop a towel over your pillow or you’ll wake up to drenched sheets!

L’Oreal Paris’ new Elvive Extraordinary Oil Dhs50 avaialble from all major supermarkets.