Teoxane is one of the leaders in aesthetic medicine and skincare.

Founded by CEO Madame Valerie Taupin in 2003, Teoxane specializes in injectable hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers designed to treat wrinkles.

Nazila Zoulfaghari, Vice President of Teoxane MENA, reveals how the aesthetics brand is bringing cutting edge innovative dermal fillers and skincare products to the top clinics in this region.

What is the story behind Teoxane?

Teoxane is an independent company, owned and led by the CEO Madame Valerie Taupin, a visionary and impactful leader in the industry, and leading the educational arm as our chief medical and scientific officer is the prominent and renowned Dr Patrick Trevidic, a plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. Teoxane has been in the aesthetics industry for over 20 years, the founder learnt many lessons and wanted to build a company with a difference.

How have you seen aesthetics evolve? Dermal filler injectables are one of the leading non-surgical aesthetic procedures globally. Injectable dermal fillers are used for various procedures including to plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars. As such the material, viscosity and cohesivity of the Dermal filler has evolved to adapt to the aesthetic needs of consumers.


What is the ethos of Teoxane?

Teoxane is a Swiss manufacturer based in Geneva, with a global presence in the aesthetics industry, pioneering in research and development delivering innovative and cutting edge technologies with high quality and safety standards in their products. Of course, this reinforces patient and customer satisfaction and product reliability. For example; while there are people who are convinced about filler applications, there are also people who prefer to preserve their natural appearance and with the belief that their facial expressions could be affected. This is where Teoxane’s new generation patent technology of Resilient Hylauronic Acid Dynamic Fillers come into play, providing natural-looking results with its properties that adapt to the movement and dynamism of the face, such as facial expressions inspiring anyone who hesitates to feel the confidence to proceed.

We have integrated R&D and production on-site, to enable us to master research and closely monitor the manufacturing processes, which are overseen by strict quality control guidelines. In addition, to further complement our HA dermal filler offering, we have our very own cosmeceutical range. In this range, we have integrated our patented RHA technology to create a complete skincare regimen that addresses the vulnerability of a patient’s skin following a procedure and optimises outcomes.

How does the Middle Eastern region differ in terms of aesthetic preferences?

Now actively present in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, with a local office operating from Dubai, we can expect to see bespoke Teoxane fillers popping up in even more popular UAE-based beauty spots. Teoxane products will offer Middle Eastern patients both dynamism that mimics the natural movement of the facial muscles and the strength that is required for volume improvement.


Can you talk us through what Teoxane specializes in?

Teoxane has a patent technology called Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA). The RHA® Series is designed to adapt to the movement of the facial muscles and as a resilient HA, protecting the product from degradation, providing undetectable natural results in line with the dynamic movement and static rest of the face. What makes Teoxane products different is that the TEOSYAL RHA® portfolio of dermal fillers provides a selection of 4 hyaluronic acid gels that covers a range of aesthetic needs from superficial wrinkles, through to volume in extended areas for lasting correction of facial wrinkles and folds. The award-winning filler works in synchronisation with facial expressions to provide a natural-looking result, whilst remaining undetectable. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals further complement our HA dermal filler offering, in this range, we have integrated our patented RHA technology to create a complete skincare regimen that ad- dresses the vulnerability of a patient’s skin following a procedure and optimises outcomes. Having worked hard to preserve the purity and length of the HA chains in our gels. TEOSYAL® RHA® * is the first dermal filler specifically designed with strength and stretch capabilities developed with the objective of mimicking the natural HA in our skin which ultimately allows it to provide the most natural-looking results.

We’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of non-invasive treatments in recent years like dermal fillers. What do you think contributes to this rise in popularity?

Injectables are growing in popularity due to the temporary HA fillers specifically soaring over the last decade. I believe this is predominantly down to the fast pace and dynamic lifestyles in the modern age. The use of hyaluronic acid in the Middle East is exponentially growing in line with the global trend, social media and beauty ideals of consumers.

How do you hope to make your clients feel after undergoing Teoxane treatments?

With our technology and innovation, we hope to provide natural results providing a fresh, vibrant, rested and confident feeling for all our clients after Teoxane treatments. We strive for the best-in-class quality and safer client outcomes.

What does the future hold for Teoxane?

Simply put: your beauty is our future. Not only is this our mantra but it’s also part of our ethos where innovation and excellence are integral in creating a global footprint within the aesthetics industry.

For more information visit teoxane.com/en.

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