Former teen blog sensation and magazine editor Tavi Gevinson has quit the fashion scene in search of the bright lights and fame in Hollywood, adding professional actress to her already impressive CV, starring in new release Enough Said.

Tavi initially shot to fame at the age of 12 when she launched her hugely popular blog site thestylerookie.com. The talented writer, renowned for her informative and intellectual prose and style observations, fast caught the attention of fashion heavyweights and was sitting front row rubbing shoulders with Anna Wintour while most teens were finishing their homework.

Now 17, she is ‘over’ fashion, making her acting debut in James Gandolfini’s posthumously released film Enough Said.

180003703All grown up at the premiere for Enough Said

“It’s not like fashion week is every day, and I’ve been doing it every day for the past few years,” says Tavi, who had her first taste of the industry limelight when promoting Enough Said at the Toronto Film Festival.

She is not, however, over her studies. In fact, as well as running her blog, which is a full on production with staff, she continues to go to school while also garnering attention for her thespian skills. She says of the computer screen to silver screen transition: “It’s very different because I’m part of someone else’s vision. Normally I’m a boss of 80 people, and writing.”

In the film, which also stars Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tavi plays a parentally neglected best friend to Dreyfus’s daughter, who ends up accidentally usurping her friend’s mum.

“Julia’s amazing, she’s so funny,” says Tavi, who, as well as fashion, also wrote about pop culture and feminism. “She has such a way about her that makes it seem very easy and fun.”

The new actress was also fond of the late Gandolfini, who helped guide her through her new career path. She says: “He was very warm. It was my first experience on a set like that, and I think he could tell I had a bit of impostor syndrome, and he would ask me about my life and give words of encouragement.”

So, what’s next for the incredibly mature and ambitious teen? She admits: “I want to go to school in New York so that working on Rookie and stuff like that can finally become real.” We’re guessing by ‘stuff’ she means more films and by the sound of the positive murmurs from the critics it looks like she has yet another successful path ahead.