IN PARTNERSHIP: As you set fresh new intentions for 2023, Fitbit is here to play a key role in bringing about these changes. With the importance of small yet sustainable changes, regular fitness activities can help destress individuals from the stresses of daily life. Designed to constantly motivate people to do activities beyond their comfort zone, the brand has garnered a growing community of enthusiasts who want to prioritise fitness and make it part of their daily lifestyle.

Recently, Fitbit, part of the Google family, hosted an exclusive wellness day at The Retreat Palm – a wellness hotel, which included a range of fitness and wellness activities along with some meaningful conservations and a networking session.

Prateek Kewalramami, Head of Marketing of Fitbit – MEA at Google, opened the event with a keynote and shared an interesting statistic,“2022 was an incredible year for the Fitbit community. We stepped up and clocked 20 billion total miles in 2022, which was enough to walk to Mars 143 times.”

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For many people, the month of January is synonymous with New Year’s resolutions. Google Search trends back this up: Every January, we see spikes in searches related to making positive changes, particularly around health and wellness, like getting better sleep, reducing stress and increasing fitness. Products like Fitbit can be of great help as they come with tools and features that provide insights into your body and behaviours. Those insights can help you figure out how best to tackle your goals and feel better in general.


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In an interactive session with David Amehame, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa, Fitbit at Google, he mentioned that “One of the biggest reasons people shy away from setting health goals is that they believe they must set grand aims for themselves.”

“A health goal can be as simple as dedicating 30 minutes to exercising daily or swapping an item in your groceries for a healthier alternative. Not only are lots of small changes easier to maintain than one significant change, but they’ll also probably deliver a broader range of health benefits,” he emphasised.

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Throughout the evening, guests were able to push boundaries through a series of adrenaline-fuelled activities such as Aquafit, where they could pedal on stationary bikes in the swimming pool for healthy resistance. Participants also had an opportunity to make their own fruit smoothie on a spin-cycled powered juicer specifically designed for the evening.

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Through interactive sessions, the brand also highlighted the innovative Active Zone Minutes (AZM) which tracks the amount of time a user spends in a heart-pumping activity. During the programme, the team shed light on another achievement of the global community in 2022 reaching a combined total of 173 billion AZM, proving the device’s capability to make fitness a priority for its users.

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By bringing a series of new opportunities to the table, Fitbit is committed to supporting your health goals and has added new enticing premium workouts to complement their users’ new year intentions.

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