This new ethereal collection by Louis Vuitton aptly titled Stellar Times – is a vision of artistic delight to our eyes.

As an ode to the odyssey of space exploration, the mastery framework of each piece embarks on a visual journey through the cosmos reflecting an unbridled spirit to explore new territories which has always been at the forefront for Louis Vuitton.

As part of the fiery heart of our solar system, Louis Vuitton also conveys the power of the sun through five pieces that exude incredible strength and astounding beauty.

Louis Vuitton high jewellery (1)


As a tribute to the planet Mars which is a symbol of cosmic conquest, light trails, strength and energy, Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Jewellery for Louis Vuitton says, “Some of the best astronauts are now women. And very soon we will be able to travel to Mars. The brand reflects these incredible advances, and has always been a daring pioneer in travel and adventure.”

In alignment with the zigzagging path through space, this white gold necklace with a geometric, fluid line is paved with diamonds, every curve revealing the iconic V shape.

Louis Vuitton high jewellery (2)

The jewellers at the luxury house have spent over 900 hours to create the checkerboard pattern which runs through the pieces which pay tribute to the feminine magnetic charm.

The utterly irresistible collection has left us absolutely starry-eyed with a theme that explores the earth’s relationship to the galaxy. With movement as an important element, the jewellery highlights fluidity as observed on the tapered trail of the Planète blue necklace and the Lune Bleue pendant.

Louis Vuitton’s Stellar Times collection is one in which Amfitheatrof, wants her pieces to reach for the stars while emphasizing on coloured stones with gold, thereby embodying the deepest desires of the Louis Vuitton woman

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Images: Supplied, Photography by Philippe Lacombe