With eponymous labels carving an eco-conscious niche for themselves in the industry, it’s important to see how they’re making an impact, especially as World Environment Day is soon approaching on June 5, 2021.

With World Environment Day introduced by the UN for encouraging global awareness and action to protect the earth, it’s always important to support a conscious brand no matter what day of the year.

Emirates Woman has curated a list of brands to keep close on your tab, as meaningful fashion can have a long-lasting impact.



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By drawing inspiration from the journey through cultures and time, this versatile label continues to be at the forefront of ethical brands from around the world. Known for using vegan leather and producing fashionable pieces that are kinder to the environment, Nanushka continues to look towards a more sustainable future.

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Iconic style is made effortless with this covetable fashion brand that produces highly functional pieces to make women feel confident, smart and stylish through expert tailoring. As an ode to conscious design, the fabrics are ethically sourced and developed in collaboration with fabric mills at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing.

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Acne Studios


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The Stockholm-based fashion house uses a multidisciplinary approach, with attention to detail as it continues to champion sustainability from manufacturing to production. The label has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which monitors labour conditions at the factories where products are made while ensuring that carefully considered techniques are adhered to.

For more information visit acnestudios.com

Ninety Percent


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While being on a mission to create a kinder and fairer world where the planet comes first, Ninety Percent distributes its profits between five charities and to people who make their clothes. From sunny season essentials for brighter days ahead to plenty of wardrobe staples, this London-based sustainable womenswear label was born out of a revolutionary caring spirit.

For more information visit ninetypercent.com

BITE Studios


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Born with a commitment to conserve the environment, the label’s durable design extends through every aspect of its pieces. With meticulous attention to fabrics and details, this luxury womenswear label is made from the finest quality of natural organic fibres, which are recycled and complete with environmental and social certifications, as the clothes produced are designed to be exceptional and stand the test of time.

For more information visit bitestudios.com

JW Anderson


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Known for producing thought-provoking silhouettes a conscious cross-pollination of ethical elements, this award-winning brand has become even more eco-conscious over the years, as it keeps sustainable production at the helm of production while reimagining iconic shapes and silhouettes.

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From being a people-focused brand to ensuring better practices are followed clean chemistry is followed to lessen the environmental and social impact, Reformation is the first company in the U.S. to embed traceability technology into the clothing with FibreTrace™ denim, that is made from Good Earth Cotton, which reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

For more information visit thereformation.com

Isabelle Fox


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By producing uncomplicated sophistication for the modern woman, the UK-based brand produced garments in conscious support of the British fashion industry, as the brand maintains an ethical eye on the main production processes while abiding by a moral code, by not having its collections on wholesale.

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Melbourne-based aaizél designs seasonless, elevated wardrobe staples largely inspired by European art and architecture with sustainability at its core. “I’m still researching and learning but it’s important to be conscious,” the brand’s founder Minnie Jo previously told EW.  This is how she ensures aaizél is continually supporting the wellbeing of the planet through mindful, sustainable and ethical practices. It’s something that’s certainly faired her well, as aaizél is one of the hero brands of NET-A-PORTER’s curated platform NET SUSTAIN dedicated to consciously crafted brands.

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