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The FIFA World Cup 2014  begins today in Brazil and you may just have noticed a difference in the men in your life over the last few weeks, well it’s all been leading up to this: four weeks of them watching football on TV constantly, pouring over graphs and statistics and saying things like: “Unless we can get the ball on the floor and press higher up the field we’re finished, finished I tell you!”

After a decade or so of dealing with this phenomenon, we’ve come to realise that there are three ways that any self-respecting, non-football-loving woman can handle the situation and we offer them now to you, in the spirit of sisterhood. Together, we can get through this. Here’s how:

1. Join them

It’s actually quite easy to get swept along and enjoy the World Cup. Before you know it you’ve got an official Wall Chart hanging in your walk-in closet and you know more about Uruguay’s defensive frailties than the chaps on TV. To get you started and prove your worth, here’s a phrase you can use in tonight’s opening game that will both shock and horrify you male friemds in equal measure:

During Brazil v Croatia (June 12), say: “It may not be a vintage Brazil side, but their front three will scare the life out of anyone”

2. Ignore them

If you’d rather not get involved at all, simply use the time to see more of the girls. Cavalli Club is hosting an anti-FIFA World Cup night on Tuesday June 17, where all women will be spoiled with chocolates flowers and Italian delicacies. There’s also a special all-inclusive Dhs200 food and drink menu too.

3. Admire them

There are, of course, ways for you to watch the football and get a little more out of it than improving your tactical awareness of the game. Ladies, allow us to introduce Barcelona and Spain star, and husband to Shakira, Mr Gerard Piqué (main picture). Well, hello good looking.



There are eight groups, broken down as follows:

world cup


Here’s a round up of the games, so you know when you’re footy-obsessed pals won’t be available:

June 12

Brazil V Croatia 12am

June 13

Mexico V Cameroon 8pm

Spain V Netherlands 11pm

Chile V Australia 2am

June 14

Colombia V Greece 8pm

Uruguay V Costa Rica 11pm

England V Italy 2am

Ivory Coast V Japan 5am

June 15

Switzerland V Ecuador 8pm

France V Honduras 11pm

Argentina V Bosnia and Herzegovina 2am

June 16

Germany V Portugal 8pm

Iran V Nigeria 11pm

Ghana V USA 2am

June 17

Belgium V Algeria 8pm

Brazil V Mexico 11pm

Russia V South Korea 2am

June 18

Australia V Netherlands 8pm

Spain V Chile 11pm

Cameroon V Croatia 2am

June 19

Colombia V Ivory Coast 8pm

Uruguay V England 11pm

Japan V Greece 2am

June 20

Italy V Costa Rica 8pm

Switzerland V France 11pm

Honduras V Ecuador 2am

June 21

Argentina V Iran 8pm

Germany V Ghana 11pm

Nigeria V Bosnia and Herzegovina 2am

June 22

Belgium V Russia 8pm

South Korea V Algeria 11pm

USA V Portugal 2am

June 23

Netherlands V Chile 8pm

Australia V Spain 8pm

Cameroon V Brazil 12am

Croatia V Mexico 12am

June 24

Italy V Uruguay 8pm

Costa Rica V England 8pm

Japan V Colombia 12am

Greece V Ivory Cost 12am

June 25

Nigeria V Argentina 8pm

Bosnia and Herzegovina V Iran 8pm

Honduras V Switzerland 12am

Ecuador V France 12am

June 26

Portugal V Ghana 8pm

USA V Germany 8pm

South Korea V Belgium 12am

Algeria V Russia 12am


Main image: Twitter