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The Sunday Showroom pop-up shop is back and this time it’s even bigger with art, music and culture and even more fashion with new brands being introduced including the highly-anticipated Fresha.

The popular pop-up event will take place on Friday and Saturday with unique brands that can bought on site, ensuring you get those one-of-kind-pieces. The range is as eclectic as ever appealing to all tastes from trendy workout label The Hot Box Kit to vibrant homeware by Vikki Shop, luxe accessories by Richmond Works, cool threads from Monore And Me, and bespoke jewels from Aveen Jewellery.

Clockwise from top left: Richard Works, Aveen Jewellery, The Hot Box Kit and Vikki Shop

Clockwise from top left: Richard Works, Aveen Jewellery, The Hot Box Kit and Vikki Shop

There will even be food at the event courtesy of Dues Café serving fresh salads and sandwiches with Ghaf Kitchen.

The event will be a weekend of debuts with co-founder of the Sunday Showroom, designer Deborah Henning, showcasing her new collection. Chidem Mokan of Fresha will also be bringing her London label to the region for the first time.

deborah henning

The new Deborah Henning collection will be revealed at the Sunday Showroom pop-up event

Turkish-born designer Chidem Mokan is renowned for her incredible digital prints. Launching Fresha after a near-death experience, her designs are aimed at independent and confident women – well, the Middle East is the perfect market for her then. Emirates Woman managed to grab a quick chat with the designer ahead of her weekend showcase…

How did your label start?

I always had interest in maxi dresses, and was often stopped by women on the street and asked where I got my dresses from. I rapidly saw a gap in the market for striking easy-to-wear pieces and with no British brand just focusing on maxi dresses, I began to create some for my brand.

What hurdles did you face when setting up your brand?

Just before the launch of the brand in 2010, I had a near death experience following a horrific motorcycle accident, which meant I was out of action for nearly two years.  After a long  and strenuous recovery I was determined to make a success of my brand and focus on it as my career – I launched in early 2013.


Fresha gown

Wow, that’s tough. Any career high after that?

Well it’s just the beginning… I love that I am moving into being stocked in Dubai, its a great development for the brand and I’m excited to see the response for UAE residents.

Why bring your band to the Middle East market?

I’ve always been deeply enthusiastic about the Middle East, especially the mesmerising beauty of the Arabian women, their unforgettable eyes and their overall essence. I also come from a very mixed background – including roots in Turkey – so it’s a passion of mine to work in this area of the world.

Chidem Mokan of Fresha

What is your opinion on the fashion industry?

It is so tough. There are times you have to be harsh when people take advantage. However, I always try to maintain professional courtesy and have a nice attitude, otherwise it gets to you in the end.

What influences you?

My grandmother (my mother’s mother) was my biggest influence in this path. I remember when she was sewing my dresses when I was little and even the noise of the sewing machine’s foot was enchanting to me. I remember one day I was watching a catwalk show, I put a chair in front of the TV and said to my mum that one day I will make dresses that she will wear.


What are your signature designs?

All prints are in house designs developed by myself. I work hard to create something bold but wearable at the same time. I think I have a nice balance for this and my customers love the colours and prints. They are great conversational pieces.

Who are your style icons?

I love [american model and actress] Margaux Hemingway. I also like Nichole Ritchie’s boho style. I would love her to wear Fresha dresses.

What’s next for you?

I’m planning to join Miami Fashion Week in the near future, as well as developing my presence in the Middle East. Working with Sunday Showroom is the first step to developing the brand globally. I’m very excited.

Fresha London is available at Sunday Showroom’s pop up shop this weekend at Capital D Studio. Friday, October 17, 4-7pm and Saturday, October 18, 2-7pm. 

For more information or to view larger collections, please email



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