Unless you have been trapped in an ice room with zero degrees air blasting through on one-minute intervals, you will have noticed that the UAE summer is here. Temperatures have rapidly risen to the high 30s to 40s mark and we are all reaching for the sun lotion – factor 100plus. Change in temperature means a change in skincare regimes, however while you may be aware of what’s best for your own skin are you aware of how to protect your little ones? Fear not, Stéphane Lafond Too Fruit Skin Care Expert and Biochemist Engineer offers some great skincare tips for children aged five-12 years:

A child’s skin is very different from an adult’s. Use specific products that are specifically formulated for their skin and skin type.

A child skin of this age group is 10 times drier than adults’ skin. By using harmful soap, you can further dry out the skin. We recommend not to use soap on a child’s skin.

Cleansing the skin is key for a beautiful and healthy skin. We recommend a shower at least every evening, or after school, to remove pollution and dirt from the skin. It is also great to remember to quickly and  gently cleanse the face in the morning before going to school to remove dirt around the eyes (it also helps to wake you up!).

As a child’s skin is prone to be dry. Ensure to moisturise the skin regularly to avoid dry patches and redness.
Also important to remember is the fact that a child’s skin is particularly sensitive to chlorine and salt. Apply a body cream after bathing in the sea or pool.

A child’s lips are very thin. To avoid chapped lips moisturise them regularly and protect them from the sun.

This age category is the best time to teach about skincare.  Teach kids the importance of cleaning, moisturising and sun protection.

Taking care of kids’ skin must be a pleasant moment for them. Choose products with textures and perfumes that suit their tastes.

Children begin to perspire between the ages of five-12 years, especially around nine years. Teach them how to use a deodorant that is free of alcohol and aluminium salts.

It’s best to use organic products for kids such as Too Fruit skin care line. Too Fruit, is a new range of organic dermatological skincare for children from France, The formula was developed in partnership with Besançon University Hospital and with Skinexigence to complete the knowledge about kids’ skin between seven-12 years and to provide them with a solution to help nourish children’s skin based on their specific requirements.

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