When it comes to giving classic a quirky twist, fashion blogger and editor of, Laura Farrant, gets it right every time. Proving that classic can be edgy, Laura opts for a wardrobe staple in the form of her Gap khaki skirt and mixes it with metallic heels and a buttoned up tailored shirt. 

To inject a pop of subtle colour, Laura throws on a baby blue blazer, which compliments her Gap shopper perfectly, leaving her poised and polished for a day at the Marina.

We caught up with Laura to talk style saviours and hot hues.

Describe your personal style

It’s comfortable and classic. I like to wear things that suit my body shape and my lifestyle so I tend to opt for safe, structured pieces with the odd injection of colour to take it up a notch.


What do you love about summer?

Even though summer in Dubai means intense humidity and constant bad hair days I think that generally people are happier at this time of year.  I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that in these months people take a break from work, travel more and feel social.

Why did you choose these particular Gap items?

I’ve always known Gap as a place that has great seasonal basics with items that you can easily incorporate into your existing wardrobe and then wear year after year. Everything in store is instantly wearable and has a flattering silhouette. I went for a mix of easy neutrals and colourful pieces to update my wardrobe basics.

What is you favourite summer style?

A Breton striped top is always a good look and I love the infusion of colour. In summer you can get away with wearing bright jeans that immediately updates your look to a more summery one.


This summer you will find me…

Enjoying a staycation in Dubai and baking in the heat.

If you could style anyone who would it be?

Kim Kardashian. She’s so stunning but judging from her wardrobe errors made in the last year, it’s clear that she is surrounded by people who dish out terrible advice.

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