Talk about a power-suit

If you are looking for a fashion trend to follow, then we highly recommend investing in a suit, cause nothing feels better than being both stylish and powerful. The power suits are back and in full force, so be prepared to serve some empowering Clueless vibes.

If you are looking for an 80s inspired checkered blazer, a trendy sparkling pantsuit, or a mini skirt suit – then Dubai-based label Suits by Pouks is the place for you. The boutique brand, which was founded by Egyptian designer Pakinam Saeed, offers look for everyone to test drive. We interviewed Pakinam for our Spotlight On series, to know the inspiration behind the brand.

When was Suits by Pouks founded? And what made you want to start your own brand? What inspires you?

I’ve always been in love with wearing suits and sets and have been designing them in my head for the longest time. I started planning Suits by Pouks two years ago and finally launched the concept this past September.
I honestly find inspiration everywhere, the smallest detail can spark a bigger idea. Traveling, family and fashion in general are my passion.

Why did you choose suits specifically for your venture into fashion? What is unique about your business?

I wanted something different and unique that I couldn’t find it in the market. I’ve been wearing suits and sets for the longest time and regardless of the trend, the look will forever be timeless.

Do you design the suits? What is the creative process like?

I design all my pieces from start to finish thinking of who I want to dress in the end. That’s my creative process. I get inspired by the women I am surrounded by and think of how I would dress them up. I then create pieces tailored for them but that also work for any woman.



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Yasmine Zahran wearing the Parisian Suit🌟✨

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Your suits are named after cities, what is the reason behind that? Do you have a city in mind while designing, or do you name it after the suit is complete?

Just like my suits are inspired by women, they are also inspired by spaces and landscapes. Each piece has a certain spirit to it which I name after a city once the design process is complete.

How can people get their hands on your suits? is there a website, if not will there be one? are there plans to start selling the brand in a store?

For now, you can reach out on my platform on Instagram @SuitsbyPouks and I’m happy to collaborate with my clients to see what suits work best for them! I have a website and plans in the works to get suits and sets out to more people to wear.

As an up-and-coming brand, what are some of the struggles that you have faced?

There were so many times where I felt scared or unsure of whether I should pursue this. It was a lot of hard work and apart from my family’s support (of course) I was pretty much a one-woman show which definitely took a toll on my motivation. I am so passionate about the brand and the pieces I make which is what kept me going.


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What has been your biggest achievement to date?

I’m so proud of many of my clientele. I have managed to dress super inspirational women which like I mentioned before adds to my creative process and keeps bringing me fresh ideas.

What is one thing that you want people to know about your line? 

Suits and sets are for everyone, you don’t have to conform to anything. You can wear them to dinner, to a family event, to work, to an engagement-  even street style it. Just own the look and make it YOU.

What kind of woman are you catering too?

Boss women, I want people to wear my pieces and feel like they can conquer anything.

How many suits are there? What is your favourite piece from your collection?

Right now there are 20 cities in varied textures and colours. There are a few more I’m finalising in my mind that will be out in the summer and perfect for getaway vacations. Right now my favourite piece is the Vienna suit, but that favourite spot is always changing.


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What advice would you give others trying to launch their own clothing label in Dubai?

If you’re truly passionate, be patient, don’t give up. Pursue what you want.

What is next for Suits by Pouks?

I’ll leave that as a surprise, stay tuned


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