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Style hits: This week’s best dressed in the UAE

It’s been a very fashionable week here in Dubai (as per). Now it’s cool enough to head outside, the style game is heating up.

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Last week’s best dressed
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That’s it! It’s that simple. Now, inspire us with your looks…

Keep it textured

This look demonstrates the rule that if you want to mix up your textures, you need to keep your colour palette harmonious. The fact that she’s wearing Chanel and Vivenne Westwood doesn’t hurt.

Prints please

We love this bold printed skirt in tandem with a simple white tee. Excellent choice of reading material too…

Long story

In some ways, 2017 was the year of the statement sleeve. Such a stylish way to bring interest to a neutral look.

Blue note

Got you on mind.

A post shared by Alexandra Liyanage (@styleandmacaroni) on

Cool sweater, denim skirt and Superstars? We’re very into this. It’s also a great argument for picking a colour and running with it – how good are those little blue accents?

Bed of roses

This week’s best dressed is just packed with extremely cool midi skirts. We know what we’re looking for at the mall this weekend.

Bright side 

A post shared by Irondina Bizeul (@makuto_style) on

Why not finish up this week’s roundup with this sunny look? Gorgeous.

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Images: Instagram

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