From London to Dubai, EW’s new Style Editor, Jade Sprowson, takes on the UAE’s glossiest fashion magazine.

It’s been over one month since I started working for the amazing Emirates Woman Group and my diary has been packed with press launches, nail treatments, lunches and fabulous soirées.

In this small pocket of time, I’ve styled 20 socialites for our December party issue, edited and filed the fashion pages for our upcoming January issue, clocked up serious mileage on mall trawls and made pit-stops at every fabulous store in the city. Oh and, lest I forget it, I had lunch at Zuma with the Expose Communications girls and attended the prestigious Emirates Woman Of The Year Awards.

Expose Communications introduced me to my now-favourite bag collection by AILA at

A healthy lunch at Zuma

The pressure was on when Senior Editor, Sophia, told me about the impending Emirates Woman Of The Year Awards. Finding a fabulous outfit shot right up to the top of my to-do list.

First up, the gown. I had my heart set on Jil Sander’s wool bustier dress. With a little help from my friends at, I had the chic little number shipped over to me within two days. That’s what I call fast fashion.

Christmas has come early!

Dubai is about being super-groomed at all times. If I wasn’t aware of this before boarding at Heathrow, I certainly am now. So it was no surprise I received a double hit of beauty pampering at Jet Set in Grosvenor House, before the awards.

Stylist Nino gave me a red-carpet-worthy blow dry that would be the envy of all Blake Lively fans, while an N.Bar technician buffed and polished my nails.

Getting spoilt at Jet Set

The before…

The after

And if you thought finding a dream dress while working at the hectic EW offices was full-on, try searching for a new apartment amidst all the excitement.

After much deliberation and approximately 12 apartment viewings, I bring to you my new home, 3,000 miles away from my quaint London flat.

The glamorous Dubai Marina


On my fashion rounds, I have to admit that it’s been nice to see some familiar faces along the way…

To my delight, Earl Grey is stocked in my local supermarket; as a bonus, it comes in a shiny gold tin

I’m all about sampling the local cuisine, but it’s comforting to find a little bit of England in Waitrose

Watch this space for my next blog. When EW met Roger Federer…