By no means do I want to appear boastful but I must tell you about the most wonderful two days I’ve had in Paris with CHANEL.

I truly believe all fashionistas will appreciate what I’ve experienced, even I had to pinch myself throughout my stay.

So following on from my last post, after a truly scrumptious breakfast at Le Meurice we strolled over to the CHANEL fine jewellery boutique on the Place Vendome for the unveiling of the new Le Montre Premiere watch collection and to interview International Watch Director, Nicholas Beau.



A jewellery piece that I would treasure forever

Pre-interview I had a chance to try on the new watch, my pick out of the 14 piece collection was the gold link bracelet with black face.

ChanelCHANEL showroom 

While waiting for my interview slot I had a chance to enjoy hanging out in the CHANEL show room, where I discovered some delightfully fun CHANEL ornaments and had a chance to play with the designs on the big screen.



Following a delicious, traditional Parisian lunch at Bistro Volnay I was treated to an enviable CHANEL skincare experience at Galeries Lafayette. My face was scrubbed, rubbed, massaged and buffed leaving me with plump, glowing skin, exactly what I needed after a long haul flight.


The beautician used the entire Hydra Beauty range on my thirsty skin

No rest for this little Style Editor, a quick brush of foundation and a slick of lipstick and I was off to the Les Exclusifs de CHANEL (perfume counter showcasing the entire range of perfumes) for a history lesson in all things fragrance. I treated my nostrils to all of the CHANEL original fragrances and discovered the perfect match for myself, 28 LA PAUSA – inspired by one Mademoiselle Chanel’s homes set in the Parisian countryside.


My lesson in CHANEL fragrance

A hop, skip and a jump and I found myself lounging in Mademoiselle Chanel’s salon, above the CHANEL boutique on 31 Rue Cambon. The salon was recently redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld, but still maintainins the recognisble black, beige and white.


The showroom continues to be used for client haute couture fittings 

Up the spiral staircase of mirrors and I found myself in the living quarters of the worlds most famous fashion designer, a place where Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel entertained guests and spent most of her days.

I was surprised to discover the dark woods, Oriental painted screens and baroque features, worlds apart from her minimalist and chic designs and boutique interiors.

IMG_0331 IMG_0322

Relaxing back on the contemporary suede sofa with quilted cushions


CHANEL’s signature camellia flower

IMG_0317 IMG_0313

After a wonderful dinner at Hotel Costes I said my farewell to Paris and hopped on a BA flight direct to London Heathrow ready for London Fashion week.


 My new office for the next few days before LFW starts. Note, steaming bowl of soup; it’s three degrees in London


 Jade X