From influential bloggers to entertaining vloggers and stylish insta-glammers, we bring you the people you need to follow online and on social media. This week allow us to introduce Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules.

Who is she?

Sincerely Jules was born five years out of a passion for all things fabulous – style, fashion and life. But what began as a hobby is now an Internet sensation with the uber-chic Julie using the site to document her creative thoughts and wares.

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sincerely jules

Influenced by her sisters when growing up, the petite Mexican-born beauty insists dressing well was instinctive for her, with Julie enjoying roles as a stylist as well as fashion blogger.

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Now residing in LA, Julie reveals she is inspired by the beach, sunsets, bicycles, flowers, flea markets and vintage prints. A clothing store is high on her wish-list of achievements, though, for now,  you can buy a selection of T-shirts, caps and bags on her shopping site

Check it out Julie’s site for yourself,

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Why follow Julie?

You will want to buy everything she wears and will want to visit everywhere she explores – in essence a part of you will want to be Julie.

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Social Media Stats

Twitter @sincerelyjules

Followers: 36.9k

Instagram @sincerelyjules

Followers: 1,262,568

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