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From influential bloggers to entertaining vloggers and stylish insta-glammers, we bring you the people you need to follow online and on social media. This week allow us to introduce Anouska Poetta Brandon and her eponymous blog.

Who is she?
This dainty and pretty fashionista began her blog in March 2011, using it as a online diary to document her day-to-day style as well as share her passion for travel and photography. However, thanks to her unique taste and sartorial tips, Anouska, who resides in Dublin, Ireland, has garnered global recognition even collaborating with major brands including Mango and is a brand ambassadorship for Guess by Marciano.

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What makes her blog extra special for all fashion lovers is that you can shop her looks on the site. Check it out her popular blog for yourself,

Why follow Margaret?
Anouska’s covetable style is ready to buy at a click.

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Social Media Stats
Twitter anouskapb
Followers: 4,001
Instagram anouskapb
Followers: 38,782

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