Bryony Deery, Founder of The Platform, takes us through her tips to get beach ready.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like at home and how does this differ on vacation?

During the week I wake up between 5:45-6am, drink a big glass of water and then head downstairs to make my collagen matcha using Enso matcha and Dose & Co Dairy Free collagen. I then take it back up to the bed, I love this me-time. I like to begin my day with a meditation and afterwards, I grab my journal and write my to-do list, my intentions for that day and any thoughts/feelings that come up during my meditation practice. There is something so powerful about early mornings and it’s crucial for me to have an hour to myself before I start my first client at 7am. My routine fits in around the type of vacation I’m on depending on the time difference and whether I have later evenings etc but generally the mornings start in the same way with my mind and body routine followed by a later breakfast. I want to feel my best on holiday and daily movement and mindfulness helps me achieve this. I am less strict on holiday but I like to alternate Pilates with morning walks.

Can you take us through your top de-bloating tips to be beach ready?

For me being beach ready is more of a mindset and feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. Naturally, if I am doing Pilates and meditating my cortisol levels are reduced and therefore I have less inflammation in my body and tend to feel less bloated. On the days that
I am suffering from bloating I have a video on my app that are my go-tos for debloating, perfect for that time of the month and
it really does work! Focusing on my gut health is a daily non-negotiable but drinking lots of water, cutting out excess salt, dry brushing and lymphatic drainage massage are all pre-holiday essentials for me.

Do you exercise each day on vacation and if so when do you carve out time for this?

I naturally like to always stay active whether I am on holiday or at home. I like to do Pilates first thing before breakfast and then tend to do a walk after breakfast and sometimes again at the end of the day. Walking along a beach with a podcast is pure heaven and such a magical way to start the day and boost your mood. We can all find reasons not to find the time but I am disciplined on this and always make sure I invest in myself and my mental and physical health and schedule the time in each day. I love how Pilates is so easy to do anywhere whether you’re in your hotel room, on the beach, or on a balcony.

How long have you been using body gua sha and skin brushing and what effect have you seen from implementing these practices?

I have been body brushing for years! I could talk about the benefits all day long. It helped me with water retention, bloating, detoxing, and skin elasticity and it makes me feel alive before a cold shower in the morning. I love to use my body gua sha to aid in lymphatic drainage and release any buildup there. I do this twice a day and it has become a staple in my bathroom routine.

How often should we be doing this?

Once a day minimum. Every day, no excuses!

What are your go-to products for sun protection as in face, body and hair?

I never put my face in the sun, I wear a huge hat, sunglasses and sit with my face and chest in the shade. I want to avoid sun damage as much as I can. I use Eurcerin oil control SPF 50 on my face and I like Institut esthederm or ultrasun for my body. Pre-holiday I swear by Amanda Harrington fake tan for the body and tan luxe for the face. Buy both now and thank me later.

Are you a light packer or a heavy packer and are there any go-to pieces you always pack for vacation?

I like to pack by outfits so I know I have the right looks for each occasion but then will also add a few extra pieces that I know will go with everything. I always pack a blazer for colder evenings, a comfy but cool pair of trainers that can double up for travel and workouts, oversized shirts that I can wear on the beach over bikinis, Hermes Oran sandals for day-to-night looks and I’m a real fan of maxi skirts as I find them so elegant and flattering with a crop top or bodysuit. My real secret must-have for packing is Muji packing cubes, they are incredibly functional and make unpacking the dream. I am militant when it comes to packing and travel.

Travelling can disrupt our routines. How do you ensure you maintain your habits?

By reminding myself that routine is what makes me feel good and asking myself how I want to feel today. I know that my daily rituals are what makes me feel grounded, at peace and healthy. The book Atomic Habits is one of my favourites and a book I recommend to all of my friends. I really believe that staying consistent with small daily habits amount to a big shift in your day and week!

You recently launched Pilates By Bryony The App – do you find there is a huge demand to work out remotely and what made you take the leap?

Without a doubt. Since COVID-19 there was a big shift in our attitude towards home workouts. People saw that they could achieve results at home, save time and money on gym membership fees, and fit the sessions in around their home life. There has absolutely been an increase in online fitness, I started with 15 people joining my zoom classes and I am now able to connect with people all over the world via the app. I feel so happy and fulfilled knowing that I can reach so many people and help in some way with their mental and physical well-being.

“Drinking lots of water, cutting out excess salt, dry brushing and lymphatic drainage massages are pre-holiday essentials for me.” 

What have been the biggest challenges to date and how did you overcome them?

Having a scalable platform for lots of users in- evitably has its challenges but I am a firm believer that there is always a way to figure it out and lessons to learn along the way. I am lucky to have a team of incredibly talented people that have been invaluable to me, especially in the last few months. My meditation practice has changed me as a person and in these stressful times I manage to stay relatively calm and positive and tell myself that there is always a solution. Without meditation, I wouldn’t be able to deal with the stressful situations that building a business can bring so I am very grateful for that.

How have you found social media in terms of supporting brand growth?

It’s almost impossible to build a brand in today’s climate without having a social media presence and it is a key driver for growth in the online fitness industry. It is also a brilliant business tool and allows you to access insights into your audience and speak directly to the consumer. It still blows my mind how quickly a business can grow based on one key share of a story.

How do you approach scaling without compromising on quality?

Scaling a subscription business should never impact quality. I strive to improve the quality as I scale and really listen to my audience. It was harder to deliver quality before launching The Platform because the growth was quicker than I had expected, so I had to figure it out and find a way to grow and develop with demand. I am always read- ing books on startups and businesses as I love to learn.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where would you like to escape to this summer?

With the nature of the business, it can be difficult to completely switch off and escape but I am hoping to really cut down in August and go to Mykonos. I’d like to spend more time in the sur- rounding Greek islands as they look so beautiful and undiscovered. Last summer I worked non stop so the aim of this summer is to work smarter and have more balance when I am away.

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