Not another Scandi brand.

Ahead of her show at Copenhagen Fashion Week on August 8, Danish designer Stine Goya talks us through her latest collection and that suit Michelle Obama chose for her book tour.

Stine Goya interview Copenhagen Fashion Week

Talk us through your latest collection.

For AW19, I was inspired by the world of American author Truman Capote – his style, his famous Black & White Ball and his muses – whom he affectionately named his Swans. Drawing from their eclectic and varied styles – my designs hope to express their individual personalities and expressions. For me the collection feels very personal, as I feel each Swan – from Lee Razidiwell to Slim Keith – possessed a quality and character that is quite unique and special.

How does Stine Goya stand out from other Scandi brands?

When I first launched Stine Goya, it was in stark contrast to the muted palette and minimalistic aesthetic that was prevalent in the Scandinavian design scene at the time. I wanted Stine Goya to be distinct in its approach to colour and to celebrate the power of print, at a time when I felt no one else was. Now, over 10 years since my first collection I still feel we are true to that brand ethos and that is part of our strength.



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How do you think women want to dress today?

I think women want to dress for themselves – they want to feel comfortable, they want to feel good and they want to feel special.

Fashion has always been a platform for addressing current issues and empowering as well as celebrating women. What is Stine Goya’s role in this?

What has been a critical message for me season on season, is that my designs be seen as tools for our customers to express their true identity. When you feel confident, you feel empowered – they go hand in hand.

This is why I’m very excited about our partnership with social networking app BUMBLE for the SS20 Show – where we opened up our casting to include four Bumble users. Together we felt that this initiative would enable women to feel empowered to challenge prejudices within the industry and celebrate diversity of expression. We are all participants in the industry and believe this idea should be pushed.

Stine Goya interview Copenhagen Fashion Week

It must have been amazing seeing an inspiring woman like Michelle Obama wearing your suit?

From the beginning to the end of our collaboration it was truly amazing. Michelle Obama for me, represents everything we strive to celebrate through our collections – strength, intelligence, independence and confidence. I really feel like that moment felt like a key moment of recognition in my career.

How have you seen the fashion industry change since starting your brand?

Over the last few years there has been a strong shift in focus from the fashion capitals – London, Paris, New York, Milan – to satellite cities such as Copenhagen, Tbilisi or Seoul. The idea of industry gatekeepers is no longer really a thing – as social media has made the public hungry for new talents and fresh perspectives. As a brand Stine Goya has definitely benefited


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How has your background in modeling and working as a fashion editor shaped your brand?

Working across different aspects of the industry gives you a broader understanding of how everything pieces together. The key idea I’ve taken from my varied roles, is that you can’t design in isolation. I am always dissecting how my collections will fit within the wider narrative of the industry. How would my designs be styled? What message do my collections convey? It’s imperative to do so in order to be commercially successful.

Which pieces from the latest collection do you wear on repeat?

My favourite piece is our classic Jasmine dress – it’s so easy to wear season on season, whether it’s over trousers in winter or with a pair of simple sandals in the summer.

Stine Goya interview Copenhagen Fashion Week

Why do you think your pieces would be appealing to a Middle Eastern shopper?

My collections are expressive and bold but never overbearing – and I focus on silhouettes that are simple in execution but flattering and fresh. I believe the Middle Eastern shopper sees my design as conduit to confidently showcase their strong personality.

What is the view from your window today?

Well, I definitely can’t complain with my view this morning overlooking the lakes in Copenhagen. The city completely comes alive in the summer – it’s such an amazing change, everyone is outside enjoying every moment of sun possible.

What is next for the brand?

I am really looking forward to expanding our accessories collection over the next year – this has been something of a labour of love for me over the last few seasons, slowly but surely developing our own aesthetic and now we are really pushing in this category going forward.

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