Long Yin restaurant at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre, with Chef George Chee at the helm is a Chinese food lover’s paradise. These bite size Siomai Dim Sums are one of his signature dishes. Lucky for you, we persuaded him to share the recipe with us.Makes 12 pieces


 250g  Chicken thigh meat deboned and skinless

80g Prawn meat or shelled and deveined prawn

40g Black Mushroom cut into small dice

40g Carrots finely diced

10g Corn flour point of a dinner knife

2g Sugar, freshly grounded pepper and salt

12 nos Sio Mai wrapper


Chop all the above ingredients to mince

Mix all the ingredients and seasoning all together

Stuff all the ingredients to the Sio Mai wrapper

Steam for 5 minutes


Top with orange tobiko

Alternatively to try the real thing for yourself visit Long Yin

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