When you think of Burberry, there are often two signature items that come to mind – a classic stone trench coat, and bags clad in the label’s coveted check print.

Those tan, navy and red stripes have become synonymous with the heritage British brand’s accessories… but that’s doesn’t always mean they’re legitimate.

At first glance, it can be tricky to tell the real deal from the fake, especially when viewed through a computer screen, but there are some telltale signs to search for.

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Worried you’re being taken for a ride? Milli Midwood, Fashion Editor at TheLuxuryCloset.com, has revealed her top tips for spotting a knock-off Burberry bag to help you be sure before you buy.

1. Patterns

burberry bags

“The two most popular Burberry patterns are the Classic Check (left) and the Nova Check (right). The Classic Check has a tan background, with black, white and red stripes of both horizontal and vertical nature,” said Midwood.

Do you spy the faint knight symbol where the red lines meet? That’s a key giveaway – any deviation from this means you’re probably looking at an imposter.

“The Nova Check pattern is slightly different, with the main discrepancy being that, like the Classic Check, there should be no faded knight insignia. Similarly, the background has a light yellow undertone, and the lines that are red on the Classic Check have a pinkish hue instead,” said Midwood.

2. Stitching


This is nigh on impossible to spot when shopping online, but when browsing in person or checking out your delivery, you want to delve deep into those seams.

Look at the way the handles and linings are sewn together – you’re looking for stitching that is “straight, neat, even and clean with with no loose threads”, said Midwood.

Burberry is known for its thorough craftsmanship, so you won’t find needlework that’s haphazard or botched.

3. Labels

burberry bag labels

According to Milwood, every bag should contain either a metal plaque or a leather tag.

“The metal plaque should match the colour of the bag’s hardware,” she said, adding that there will also be a “Burberry – London” engraving.

If you have a leather tag (and many Burberry bags do), check the back for a stamp. Does it say “Made in Italy”? Good. Does it say “Made in China”? Well, that doesn’t mean it’s fake.

“Nowadays, Burberry does make some items in China, especially smaller bags and accessories, so don’t worry,” said Milwood.

The best indicator is the distinctive font of the logo on the plaque or tag.

“The left side of the U and the Y are slightly wider and the Rs have small tails,” advised Milwood.

Still not sure? Compare it side-by-side with the logo on Burberry’s website.

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