Sponsored Content: Need a different idea for your next ladies’ day or hen party? We’ve found something slicker than your average location.

Dubai’s spoiled with a wealth of restaurants, cafes and watering holes, but it can be quite tricky to think outside the box when it comes to planning extra-special occasions.

As much as we’d love to sun ourselves on a private vessel while touring the emirate’s pristine coastline, not everyone has the bank balance of a Hollywood actor.

However, it turns out you no longer need millions of dirhams to make that a reality.

A new rental service has just launched in Dubai, offering luxury yachts on demand.

You can book a private vessel with just a few clicks, and make it your home for anything from a couple of hours to several days.

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Need to surprise a bride-to-be with something other than a typical brunch? Pack your swimsuit and suncream and pull up anchor (don’t worry, every boat comes with a crew and captain, so you don’t need to know how to steer the thing).

Want a lazy beach day with a paradisiacal view, but in the mood for something a bit different? You can spend an afternoon on many models for the same cost as pool access at an oceanfront hotel.

Here’s a look at what happened when we took one for a spin:

So, how does it work?

Just log on to CharterClick, and select the date, time and length of trip you want to book. You’ll then be presented with a list of super-sleek boats, all complete with information such as how many people it can hold, and what facilities are on board (think water slides, showers, sun beds and sound systems).

Just pick the boat of your choice, pay, and voila — nothing more to do until it’s time to board.

How much does it cost?

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Rates vary depending on the yacht you choose, but you’re looking at between Dhs300 and Dhs5000 per hour.

Even if you choose one of the flashiest models — the Black Diamond mega yacht, which will set you back Dhs10,000 for two hours — split between a party of 50 people, you’ll pay Dhs200 a head.

It’s cheaper than your typical hens’ night dinner and drinks, and you get lots of extras included. Most boats come with snacks and beverages onboard, but you can bring additional treats with you.

Want to save even more money?

We’ve teamed up with CharterClick to offer our readers a five per cent discount on bookings made until April 15, 2017. Just enter promotional code EWLIFESTYLE on the website when securing your yacht.

So, ready to set sail yet?

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