Proving it is well-deserved of its Masters of Colours status, Bulgari has created a paradise of gems at The Dubai Mall in the form of an exquisite high jewellery ‘Temple’. 

Bulgari has long been known as ‘the masters of colour’ when it comes to beautiful, unique jewellery – none more so than their enchanting high jewellery creations – and now the Bulgari boutique at The Dubai Mall has been transformed into an extravagant gallery thanks to its exclusive high jewellery Temple of Colour exhibition running from March 7 to 16.

bulgari temple of colour

Over 100 pieces will go on display at the Temple of Colour exhibition at Bulgari, The Dubai Mall

While Rome is at the heart of the creative genius behind the brand’s high jewellery pieces, there are select Temples already established in cities such as Paris, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, and New York – Dubai is the latest high jewellery Temple to be added to the dazzling selection.

Watch the video for what you need to know about the exciting exhibition:

Here are some interesting facts about Bulgari and it’s colourful history:

The World War Influenced Its Techniques 

Bulgari was established in Rome in 1884, but it was really in the 1940s that Bulgari began to express its passion for bold design and colour, for which it has become renowned. Owing to austerity measures during the wartime, many jewellers were forced to abandon the favoured platinum and diamonds in exchange for yellow gold and coloured gemstones (both precious and fancy). But when other jewellers eventually returned to the classic French schooling, Bulgari had fallen for the beauty and expressive qualities of coloured stones.

bulgari temple of colour

Bulgari is renowned for its use of colourful stones

Maharajahs Provided Stones 

In the 1940s the Maharajahs were the richest sources of stones, selling their jewels in order to maintain their palaces and stately lifestyles. Boxes of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds were offered to Bulgari and other jewellers.

bulgari temple of colour

Sapphires are popular in Bulgari’s designs

There Are Precise Rules Behind Their Combinations 

The striking colour combinations for which Bulgari is so famous are the culmination of a lengthy process of thought and design. Bulgari assembles and combines variously coloured gems according to precise rules. No one singular stone stands out, but rather a very careful balancing act is used in order for each gem’s unique quality to be celebrated.

bulgari temple of colour

Colour combos are well thought through at Bulgari

Bulgari Has Its Own Cut

… the cabochon cut. An audacious cut, the cabochon requires highly sophisticated work as each gem must be re-cut, losing many carats in the process. This cut leaves the stone in a smooth rounded form, almost like a precious pebble, which changes the way light enters the stone adding an incredible depth.

bulgari temple of colour

The perfect example of Bulgari’s iconic cabochon cut

Celebrating its love for colour, over 100 high jewellery pieces will be housed at The Dubai Mall Bulgari boutique from March 7 to 16, as the store is transformed into a Temple of Colour.