Want to make a campaign go viral? Get a super style icon like Margaret Zhang to get involved, and that’s exactly what Swarovski has done.

The gorgeous Australian blogger, who has over 586,000 followers on Instagram, jetted to Dubai to style Swarovski’s autumn/winter 2015 collection and the results will have you wanting to embark on a sparkling shopping frenzy.

Swarovski Presents Margaret Zhang in Dubai_Photoshoot_FW15 (1)

The beautiful brunette whose talents include being a stylist, writer, photographer and creative director  shared her vision and personal fashion ethos on an exclusive and unique interpretation of the Swarovski autumn/winter 2015 collection, starring behind and in front of the lens.

Having catapulted to digital fame in 2009 via her fashion blog Shine by Three, the beauty has since then partnered with global enterprises including Louis Vuitton, Clinique, Nike, Shopbop, UNIQLO and Huawei. Her current collaboration with luxurious brand Swarovski goes beyond the trademark glitter and highlights the craftsmanship and timelessness of the pieces.

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Margaret reveals:  I’m the first to admit that my fiendishly layered personal style is probably more conducive to the cooler months. The most important thing about making the most of your wardrobe is experimenting with the silhouettes you can create, and accenting those with smaller accessories that catch light to offset your wearable sculpture. But, as an Australian, I make a habit of chasing Summer around the world. Dubai has always been on my checklist, so it was exciting to be able to see Dubai through a Swarovski lens, shooting this layered editorial after running a styling session for their teams discussing just that. A common misconception about dressing for the heat is that, all of a sudden, we can’t wear more than one garment at a time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be hauling yourself through the desert in overcoats and leather, but pairing light basics with structured pieces over the top, breezy trousers and midi-skirts can make for some very high level and accessible day-to-night and office-to-occasion looks that push the boundaries a little. All you need to change to transform the look is switching up the degree of sparkle in your jewellery, and maybe try something unconventional like a watch as a choker, or a necklace as a belt.”

Margaret Zhang

Take a peek at the on-trend and exclusive designs as captured by Margaret, in the gallery below. The Swarovski Collection is brimming with gift ideas and perfect pieces that can be worn from day to night whatever the occasion may be.


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