She may be Beyoncé’s little sister but Solange Knowles is a superstar in her own right. She always manages to pull off ‘cool’ in a way that never seems to be anything but natural.

From her eclectic, often Afro-inspired style to her quirky, sometimes awkward (but no judging), dance moves she always seems completely confident and comfortable in her skin.

Lovers in the Parking Lot was shot in Solange’s native Houston, Texas. In a deserted shopping mall she pulls off her wackiest dance routine to date in spectacular 1980s-style – there’s neon, glitter and shine aplenty. Despite the energetic moves the song is more of an upbeat love song.

The best bit of the video? The talented young Ms Knowles conceputalised and co-directed the video.

It’s safe to say, we heart Solange. Here’s her first music video Losing You