Sophie Hill, Founder and CEO of Threads Styling, talks to Emirates Woman about how being fearless helps them stay ahead of the curve

How has Threads Styling evolved since it launched and which categories have seen the biggest growth to date?

Threads has been serving Millenials and Gen Z for a decade. We have always been a full solution for all things luxury. That means, we can help you with your head to toe looks and your next interior projects. We can also help you pro-cure the most precious of items such as rare watches, pieces of fine jewellery or a unique gift for someone special.

Threads Gen: This was launched to make sure we understood the younger customer. We do, however, say it is a Threads Gen state of mind and inclusive to all ages that are in the mood for Gen led styling.

Which brands in terms of watches drive themost year-over-year growth?

Our top three most requested brands are always Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

What details do you need to show when converting watch clients online and is scarcity a factor?

Scarcity is almost always a factor. One of the things we pride ourselves most on at Threads is the ability to source any watch no matter how limited it is.

What does the resale watch market look like for Threads Styling in comparison to bags?

We only source watches via very trusted partners. Each source goes through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring our clients are receiving the best quality and access in the business.

What have been the driving factors in the growth of the personal shopping market and has the resale market played a pivotal role in this?

In luxury, which historically has always been bricks and mortar, expert advice and service have always been an important part of the shopping experience. When the world of luxury moved online, the part around expertise and personalised service became an afterthought – versus being a core part of the business. We didn’t believe the two were mutually exclusive and we wanted to use technology to drive a new generation of personalised shopping. We believe the use of technology to drive personalised service is the real accelerator. The resale market is simply a category of product that clients expect to have access to.

How do you consistently innovate as a business?

Never be afraid to try things that other people have not. Never be afraid to fail and most importantly, if you do, try again.

After almost a decade and a half in the industry, what have been your biggest learnings?

An idea is easy to come by, execution is everything.


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Do you have a favourite timepiece, and does it hold a special memory for you?

I like different watches for different occasions/ moods but one of my favourite classic pieces is the Bulgari Serpenti, as it is an absolute icon that is always in style and beyond chic. I also love the Cartier Crash, it is just an unbelievable piece of horology.

This is The Horology Issue – time is precious, how do you maximise your time?

I challenge myself constantly to use time efficiently – as a CEO, I constantly ask myself “Is this action the best use of my time against our company mission,” and if it isn’t, I simply stop.

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