I’m not saying this to remind those around me that my birthday is around the corner, but it is. I like other people’s birthdays – the singing, cake and dinners are always fun – but when it comes to celebrating mine, a big bah humbug sigh is all I can manage.

I don’t like the attention or people asking how old I am, and the reality of being one year older is really nothing I want to shout about.

As I have been pondering adding yet another notch to my age belt, my dear friend sent me this video to cheer me up as he knows that my love has no bounds when it comes to Diane von Furstenberg.

I have interviewed and dined with her several times and she is on top of my most inspiring women in the world list. She never lets age get in the way of what she is doing or trying to achieve. Watching this video changed my mood from morbid to elated and proves no matter what your age, you can try new things and break boundaries (just like DvF does in this video with Google’s new Glass camera) I promise this video will inspire you whatever your current mood…

I love September, especially in Dubai, as this is the time when everyone is back on board, new collections are in store and the party season has begun. Just to give you an idea, we get two mail drops a day at EW HQ and this is my morning drop. At 2pm, this will be doubled, as I won’t have had time to open all of this…

One of the nicer things that came in the mail was this invitation from Cartier who always throw the most fabulous parties. This special soiree commemorated the ‘Never Stop Tank Legend’ and also celebrated the launch of the new Tank Anglaise watch, at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai.

Louis Ferla – Regional Director Cartier Middle East, India and Africa and yours truly

Playing catch up with Lina Samman

LOVE this watch

Me with Holly Hollywould (centre) and Elle Timms, HELLO! Middle East Editor

Can you spot the Tank?

Another certain mood-lifter this week was my husband’s return from Paris. In the occasion of my birthday, he came bearing gifts from my much-loved French family and what can I say, roll on my birthday!

It also reminded me that I really do need to start back with my French lessons so I thought this the best place to start.

A bientôt!


After sending the mags to press this week you will find me…

  • Still sitting at my desk eating my quinoa salad
  • Baking: Gluten and wheat-free biscuits (thanks for the recipe Ana)
  • Wearing: These black velvet slippers from Zara
  • Buying: Retro sunglasses from Hamac at The Dubai Mall. From Dior to Gucci, these vintage sunnies are beyond gorgeous. You won’t find these anywhere else in Dubai.
  • Listening to: Charles Aznavour on Jazzy French (internet radio)