The Algerian-French star plays opposite Michael B. Jordan.

Actress and dancer Sofia Boutella is one of our red-carpet favourites around here. With a fondness for Givenchy and Chanel, she tends to wear couture like it’s a pair of jeans. We love her easy confidence.

We’re also big fans of her screen work, so we’re pleased to report that Boutella’s next project, an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel Farenheit 451, is about to come out.

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Also starring Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther fame, it’s making its premiere at Cannes.

Farenheit 451 is a work of science fiction, set in a future where firefighters are tasked with burning books rather than putting out fires.

It was adapted into film once before in 1966 by French new wave director François Truffaut.

Here’s the trailer for HBO’s forthcoming 2018 version:

Boutella plays Clarisse McClellan, who challenges Jordan’s character, Guy Montag’s commitment to his work destroying books.

Directed by Iranian-American filmmaker Ramin Bahrani, the film also stars Michael Shannon, who showed in Nocturnal Animals and The Shape of Water that he knows how to go dark.

We can’t wait to see it.

And as you’d expect for such fashion obsessives as ourselves, we also can’t wait to see more red carpet appearances from Boutella.

Here’s a couple of her greatest hits to remind you…

sofia boutella

This super-embellished Miu Miu would wear a lesser clothes horse, but Boutella pulls it off.

sofia boutella

For a completely different vibe, there’s this angelic Rodarte. Boutella’s got range.

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And let’s finish with this princess-worthy Prada. Just outstanding.

See you at the movies…

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