Are our products at risk?

The rapid spread of coronavirus has turned us all into clean freaks, and it’s for good reason. Good personal hygiene and sanitising surface area can help in prevent the spread of COVID-19, but does our supply of Dettol also stretch to beauty products?

While the research is ongoing on how long coronavirus lives outside the body, some studies suggest it can be anything from two hours to nine days depending on the surface, and there have been no tests done on beauty products. This is where common sense comes into play as there is no other time you touch your face as much as when you go through your daily and nightly routines. Here are some suggestions to safe-guarding your skincare products, and as a result you or anyone else who uses the bathroom.


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  • Avoid sharing products
  • Create a clean zone and sanitise all the products and keep them in the clean zone
  • Spend 20 seconds or more washing your hands before proceeding with your routine and invest in a nail brush
  • Many of skincare products come with an applicator, clean it each time before and after use
  • Depending on the formulation, especially the alcohol level in the products, some are more prone to contamination than others. If concerned, don’t use the product for seven days or discard if possible, but note there is no evidence to suggest that you should do so
  • Continue washing your brushes and sponges as always
  • Keep the bathroom area clean
  • We have also pleasantly realised we have enough products to create a thorough facial without going to the spa


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Stay safe and clean

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