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Skin Laundry is renowned for harnessing the power of laser to delivering serious skin results.

What is the most common request from clients coming to Skin laundry?

We receive many queries ranging from are our lasers treatments painful to what kind of downtime is there? We strive to reassure our clients as best as possible prior to their treatment.

Do you believe that good skin also combines our approach to food, sleep and a balanced lifestyle?

Absolutely! All factors need to be taken into account and the internal is as important as the external. Taking care of your skin does start with having the best products suited to your skin type, but also is a combination of what you put into your body- this includes food, water intake, vitamins and most importantly wearing SPF.

Skin Laundry laser

What is at the heart of Skin Laundry, the DNA?

We pride ourselves on not only being result-driven but also being safe, effective, efficient, affordable and easily accessible. We cater to those who have a very busy lifestyle and want to improve their skin without having to wait months to see results. Our USP is our laser treatments combined with our in-house products developed by our team of dermatologists in the US.

You’ve grown globally, tells us about why you’ve chosen the locations you have to date?

Skin Laundry gravitates towards developing cities that are forward-thinking and growing. From Hong Kong to London, US to the Middle East. As a brand we are expanding globally, therefore we choose our locations very carefully as we are all about convenience, ease of access but also ensuring we are offering the best environment to make people feel great. Dubai is one of the beauty capitals of the world. The beauty and skincare market here is excelling which allows us to tap into an audience who would appreciate our services and products.

How do the laser facials work and which combination of treatments would you recommend for every skin type?

Our dedicated laser technician reviews in detail with each client their skin concerns, medical history, skincare goals and skincare type. Our personalized treatment plans, alongside our in-house skin product recommendations, work toward the client’s expectations to achieving great skin. For beginners, we recommend our Signature Laser Facial which uses safe energy-based technology to boost collagen production, minimised pores, tighter skin and improve discolouration. This treatment is completely safe on all skin tones and types and will leave your skin glowing and deeply cleansed! For those who need advanced treatment, we recommend our fractional laser which utilizes a unique technology to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall skin texture and skin strength. The USP of Skin Laundry is that we offer tailored memberships for our clients so that they can combine treatments with recommended products from our DHA registered laser technicians.

What has been the biggest challenge in the last year and how did you overcome it?

Like many businesses, COVID-19 played a challenging role in our business. The launch of our brand in the UAE and the opening of our new clinic in Dubai was an exciting time for us. Unfortunately, the gravity of the Covid19 outbreak caused Skin Laundry to close after only 1 month of opening. For 8 weeks the clinic was closed and our daily struggles in recuperating, keeping our staff motivated, building our customer base and maintaining the reputation of a brand was a challenge we were able to overcome. Our re-opening had over 1,000 people on a 7-week waiting list! After an amazing launch, our re-launch was equally successful with queues of people who had waited to have treatments once it was safe to do so. We believe having such a well-recognized global brand allowed us to gain trust quickly in this market and most people already knew the brand from London or LA and were excited to try the treatments for themselves.

How has social media affected the beauty business and which platform has been most useful?

Social media if anything, has encouraged the growth of our business. We have built a great rapport with our followers by sharing advice, skincare maintenance tips as well as creating great video content showing our treatments to keep our audience engaged. The best platform which has been successful in growing our followers and providing conversion in leads has been Instagram and TikTok.

Skin Laundry

Is there anyone who cannot have these treatments?

Client safety is paramount and we have a set of guidelines that we follow to ensure this. These include women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy, anyone who is taking oral antibiotics or has active skin infections. Clients have a history of skin cancer or have vitiligo. We also stress that anyone who has had Botox or filler 5-6 days prior or has sunburn should not have the procedure.

Do you see similar or differing trends in terms of beauty treatments globally?

People are moving towards technology when it comes to skincare. Lengthy wet facials do not fit in with those with busy lives and we are seeing the results we want quicker with machine-based facials. Gone are the days where you would wait months to notice a difference in your skin or lay for over an hour getting a facial. Advanced technology provides results a lot more quickly as well as reaching the deeper layers of skin that a traditional facial would not be able to.

This is The Gratitude Issue – what are you grateful for?

For Skin Laundry- we are grateful for the health of our staff, something which is paramount. We are extremely proud of being a strong, female-led team taking the Middle East by storm! Our biggest achievement has been developing our amazing community of Laundry Club members worldwide and meeting customers from our clinics all over the world who share the same love we do for what we do.

April’s – ‘The Gratitude Issue’ – Download Now 

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