Sponsored Content: We’ve all been there – accidentally shrinking a new jumper, or wrinkling a silky shirt out of recognition.

Doing your laundry may sound simple, but in reality it can be a real minefield.

And while there are an abundance of dry cleaners in the UAE, sending your entire wardrobe out once a week quickly adds up.

However we’ve got a few top tips to help you launder at home – ones where your clothes will still live to tell the tale. We also reveal the wonder washing machine by Samsung that’ll help you get the job done with the least amount of stress.

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1. Get rids of stains

No, you don’t have to put that pasta-sauce-splattered blouse through three washes. Instead of throwing stained clothes straight in the machine, let them sit for around 15 minutes in a concoction of household products. Sprinkle baking soda or salt on the fresh stain (they’re super absorbent) and then douse in white vinegar. Finish up with the Samsung AddWash™ Washing Machine’s Bubble Soak setting – a 30-minute cycle add-on that penetrates your garments with a mixture of air, water and detergent to loosen tough stains.

2. Don’t stretch hand-washed items

So there are some bits and bobs you’ll always have to scrub by hand (darn those delicate fabrics – they look great on but need a lot of TLC). However one thing you don’t want to do is leave them sodden when drying – the weight will pull them into an odd shape. Pop them into the machine for a quick spin to get rid of all the excess moisture – or with the Samsung AddWash, you can add extra items when a cycle’s already going. Just pause the machine when it reaches the spin cycle (you can sync it with your smartphone, which will alert you) and pop in your delicates. Added bonus: this also means you can pop in dropped socks and forgotten shirts once the machine’s going.

3. Close your zips and hook up your bras

Open zippers and accessible bra hooks are more likely to catch on your clothes as they tumble around in a cycle, so make sure everything is secured before you throw it in the drum. (We should know, a bra clasp has taken out one of our favourite lace-edged skirts in the past).

4. Stop using the hot wash

With the Samsung AddWash’s Bubble Soak setting, you don’t have to wash on a high temperature to remove grime and daily wear. A cold wash can be just as effective, and during a UAE summer the cold wash setting often pumps out warm water anyway (if your water tank gets heated by the sun). Plus using a lower temperature is better for the environment, so you can feel smug about going green.

5. Don’t use a clotheshorse for everything

Pop as many of your freshly-washed clothes as you can on hangers – especially anything prone to creasing (but not heavy items like knitwear). It’ll cut down on ironing time, and there’s nothing greater than that. If you’re really anti-ironing, hang anything wrinkled in the bathroom as you shower – the extra steam will help those creases drop out a little more.

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