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Blending daring designs with extravagant elegance and an anarchic spirit, Alexandre Vauthier creates statement dresses and separates made for after dark. 

What has the journey with your brand been like over the last 11 years?

My first collection had immediate commercial resonance. We started with two Haute Couture collections a year and then two other ready-to-wear collections. We have gradually moved forward to meet the demand. Then we added intermediate collections and we continue to develop and expand our commercial territory.

What does your brand represent?

It’s hard for me to talk about this. I work on an aesthetic, with a very French flair. The ambassadors and the clients of the house would speak about it better than me.

What do your designs represent?

An instinctive feeling of femininity; Paris and the chic French style; and luxury.

How did you start out in fashion & what did it take to where you are now?

I started my work in fashion with Mugler and Gaultier. To do this job in general and especially in this special period I always keep in mind that it takes a lot of work, sincerity, rigour and precision. From the start, our keynote has always been clear, with a very natural creative process. As we are an independent house, we always need to be flexible and reactive.

You have cultivated such an iconic brand. How has this evolved?

My style comes from my roots, my own desires. The style of the Parisian woman, luxurious and sexy. I work a lot with ‘Les Metiers d’Arts’. They were part of my learning ground. They are the ones who help me achieve such good quality, all this very French ‘Savoir faire’.

If you could describe Alexandre Vauthier in just five words, what would they be?

Parisian. Craftsmanship. Sexy. Luxurious. Haute couture.

Where do you get your motivation?

It’s really a human adventure. Since I was little I needed to dream and to try to make things look better around me, to make things more aesthetic. Motivation is the quest for infinite improvement, always doing better. I also have an amazing team!

What advice do you wish you had received on your journey to success?

To have tenacity, methodology and organisation and be ready for a very athletic way of life. In fact, one cannot expect any results without working.

Looking back over your career, can you tell us about some major hurdles you have faced?

It is a job with one thousand hurdles and the current period proves it. But hurdles bring strength and always allow you to get out of the most perilous situations.

What are your future plans for Alexandre Vauthier? Any exciting things you can reveal?

My three objectives are to strengthen the markets in which I am present, to open up the Asian market and to develop lines of accessories and shoes. Fashion allows a lot of activity and collaboration. The next project is the new format of my next Haute Couture collection.

This is something I have never done and it is a project that excites me but I cannot reveal it yet.

This is ‘The Party Issue’ – how will you be celebrating this year?

I miss parties, I try to put all the party spirit in my work. I will celebrate this year with my family.

December’s – ‘The Party Issue’ – Download Now

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