National Bureau of Statistics revealed that divorce cases rose by seven per cent between 2009 and 2011 for Emirati couples in Dubai. One of the big factors was couples comparing their relationship to others on social media, which makes it befitting then that some divorcees are turning to an app to share the reasons behind their marriage breakdown. 

“My husband is leaving me because my dad didn’t leave me his inheritance.” “My husband left me because I didn’t take his name.” “My husband is divorcing me because I refuse to be a stay at home mum.” Believe it or not, but these are just a few of the shocking reasons behind some marriage breakdowns.

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Embarrassed, ashamed or too angry (or a combination of all three) to tell friends and family the truth behind the demise of their relationship, many men and women have turned to an app called Whisper in which they can share their pain through a meme.

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Sounds ridiculous right? But it actually seems to be cathartic for the divorcees. Here’s some of the most powerful memes doing the rounds on the app. Tell us below in the comments section what you think about this – good idea or making light of a sad and emotional situation?

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