There are two types of people on connecting flights: those who tuck themselves up on a chair and try to get some shut-eye and those who dedicate the ensuing hours to shopping, eating and keeping themselves as entertained as possible.

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts had that in mind when they dispatched their SOS (Stop Over Support) Crew to Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 to surprise hundreds of passengers with considerate acts of kindness as part of its Delight My Journey campaign.

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If you didn’t already know, Dubai airport is the world’s busiest airport with more than 200,000 people passing through daily, many on connecting flights as part of longer journeys. So what better setting for Sheraton Hotels and Resorts to launch their campaign?

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The SOS Crew cheered up tired, in-transit passengers by presenting them with prizes and thoughtful gestures. Sleep-deprived holidaymakers were given inflatable Sheraton bed experiences, couples were gifted with romantic in-airport dining, lonely travellers on long transits were given spa treatments and families travelling with young children received games to keep everyone entertained. Smaller gifts and random surprises included eye masks, power banks and travel pillows, all geared at making travelling a little easier.

apple watch

You could get an Apple Watch from the Sheraton vending machine


However, the Delight My Journey was not a one-off campaign. Sheraton Hotels and Resorts is continuing to share the love, unveiling the ‘Sheraton vending machine’ at Dubai International Airport from March 6 to 29.

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Over the course of the following weeks, passengers are invited to scan their boarding pass for the chance to win prizes like Apple Watches, GoPro cameras, Playstation 4 game sets and 150,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points that can be redeemed for a holiday for two at a Starwood hotel anywhere in the world! In return for their abundant generosity, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts are asking you to demonstrate a little generosity of your own. Each person will receive two of the winning items, and are encouraged to ‘pay it forward’ to fellow passengers by gifting them with half their prize.

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The Sheraton Delight My Journey promotion is open to holders of a valid boarding pass in the departure area of Dubai Airport Terminal 3, aged 21 and over.

The Sheraton vending machine will be stationed at Dubai International Airport from March 6 – 29