By stepping beyond the norm, Her Highness Sheikha Sana al Maktoum used an eye-opening medium, braille, to create a truly unique masterpiece ‘634’.

Besides being a certified gemologist and founder of Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewellery brand, Sheikha Sana is also known for her artistic talent which she uses to create ethereal pieces.

To give back to society, Her Highness’ meaningful piece offers a unique perspective to the viewer and bridges the gap for the visually challenged to feel empowered through their senses and look beyond.

Funds from the painting are set to be contributed to the Art4Sight auction which prevents blindness and visual impairment in developing countries on a regional and international scale. A portion of the amount used from this auction will go towards supporting a rehabilitation center for the visually impaired here in the UAE.

This special auction organized by Noor Dubai, Sotheby’s and Crown limited was born with the intention to help those regain their sight and drive intrinsic social change for the better.

With over seven layers of paint in Sheikha Sana’s, the realistic effect is achieved with 3-D individually printed braille as she puts herself in the shoes of those who can’t see, to understand how they can observe the flashing light circles that one notices in complete darkness.

This interactive painting adds a unique perspective, as over nine hours of work were dedicated to removing the brush strokes to an emotional chord that viewers can embrace with their eyes closed.

By adding depth to this artwork, the braille reveals a heartfelt poem that’s dedicated to all the visually impaired to see beyond what the human eye can see. The words on the painting read the following.

‘Your perspective is important.
Whether it is to start a conversation,
Or to explain how it is,
In your shoes.
Make them –
See the way you see.
Feel the way you feel.
Stronger with your bravery and patience.
You have so much to offer.
You see what we don’t.’

Always known for giving back to the Dubai community, Sheikha Sana at the end of last year spent her time with students of determination at the Al Noor Training Centre celebrating the nation’s Golden Jubilee.

Her Highness is always on a mission to impact the lives and wellbeing of women and children and has always put her humanitarian work first.

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Images: Supplied