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Having celebrated 50 years of incredible vision, we look at the new generation that’s set to drive the next 50 years of the UAE.

From aspiring designers to art curators, several names in the industry have been making their mark and innovating in the region.

To delve deep into the lives of some awe-inspiring names, Emirates Woman spoke to Sheikha Alya Khaled AlQasimi, a student and aspiring interior designer in the UAE.

Growing up in this region, so much has changed over such a short period of time. What has it been like growing up during this time?

Growing up during this time has been so amazing to see. The country’s progression over these past few years makes me extremely proud and happy to see. As it shows that our leaders brought Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan’s – may God rest his soul – vision to life and continued his legacy.

What do you love about being from the UAE?

What I love most about being from the UAE is how the youth and women are so involved with some of the country’s success, it truly shows the meaning of united and it has been an amazing thing to witness.

We recently celebrated 50 years of the UAE, what do you envision for the next 50 years of the nation?

I envision a bright future for the next 50 years, and for the youth and women to have the confidence to have many achievements for this country and to show how powerful of a community we truly are.

How do you hope to pave the way for future generations?

I hope to pave the way for future generations by teaching them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and to always have hope when it comes to your dreams.

What are your hopes for the future of women in this region?

For the future of women in this region, I hope to be able to show them how strong they are, how amazing they truly are and how they can really change the world.

Who are your biggest inspirations in life?

My biggest inspirations in life are my mother Sheikha Amal Al Maktoum and my aunt Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum. They have taught me so much about life and I owe it all to them.

This is ‘The Future Issue’ – how do you hope to be a role model for future generations in this region?

I hope to be a role model for future generations by encouraging them to follow their dreams and make them a reality, have self-confidence, and also be a helping hand throughout their careers. And to also show them that they have the whole country supporting them and willing to watch them thrive.

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Feature image: Unsplash