As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people around the world, the situation has revealed many different things, such as the kindness people have, and the commitment many show their roles, especially those on the frontline of the battle.

The outbreak has also made HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, realise something, prompting him to share a thought-provoking message about what he believes the COVID-19 outbreak has revealed.

Over the weekend His Highness shared the powerful and poignant message on social media about where “true power lies”.

“The world has long been questioning where the true power lies,” he said. “Does economy drive politics or the other way around?

“The coronavirus spread has shown that healthcare is the main power that shapes the economy and politics at a time when a disease brought nations to a standstill.”

A few weeks ago Sheikh Mohammed launched the #ThankYouHeroes campaign, encouraging everyone to join together in recognising the fantastic efforts of medical staff and health authorities for protecting the public against coronavirus.

His Highness launched the campaign on Twitter, posting an emotional video to his 10 million followers shows the hectic scenes that take place inside the emergency department of hospitals.

“Thank you, our first line of defense,” he said praising medical staff. “Thank you for your sacrifices and your watchfulness for the sake of the country.

“You are the protectors of the homeland today and its loyal soldiers. I invite everyone to thank them and appreciate for their continuous efforts.”

In the UAE, there has been 3,736 confirmed cases of COVID-19 — 588 have recovered and there has been 20 fatalities.

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Feature Image: Sheikh Mohammed Instagram