Speak to anyone who has lived in the UAE for a while and you can guarantee that they have a great story, or at least have heard one, about meeting Sheikh Mohammed.

In fact there are so many stories about Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, from helping someone who’s car has broken down in the desert to cheering up a youngster while shopping with their parents.

His kind will, thoughtfulness and love for his nation makes Sheikh Mohammed one of the most accessible royals in the world. Here’s three examples:

1. “What an incredible feeling… when your Highness Sheikh Mohammed cycles past you”

This weekend one lucky South African cyclist, Brett Hallam, got more than a cardio workout when he hit the 50k cycling track at Al Qudra. While cycling alone he suddenly noticed another cyclist coming in the opposite direction. Riding a Fat Boy bike and flanked by security, Hallam realised Sheikh Mohammed had joined him on the track.

Recording his reaction post-encounter, Hallam said: “Ah man what an incredible feeling, cycling all alone on the track at 7pm when your Highness Sheikh Mohammed cycles past you with his four body guards and his Famous Mercedes G-Wagon is behind him. My cycle started off really bad as it was me against the wind. But after experiencing that it definitely made my ride a whole lot more memorable!”

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2. “He was also stuck in traffic and started laughing when he saw the shocked look on my face”

Another emirateswoman.com reader, Ruth Bradley, was lucky enough to meet Sheikh Mohammed not once but twice, first while stuck in traffic and the second while on a shopping trip with her family.

Sheikh Hamdan , Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed waves to emirateswoman.com reader Ruth Bradley

She said of the encounters: “He is so awesome. He was so very friendly. I first met him 14 years ago when I was stuck in traffic. I happened to look left and a man waved at me so I waved back, instinctively. Then I did a double take and it was Sheikh Mohammed. He was also stuck in traffic and started laughing when he saw the shocked look on my face. He is such a cool guy. [I also meet him at City Walk] that’s my second wave in 14 years. Im very lucky.”

3. “I was so excited I acted like a nerd”

When emirateswoman.com reader Natalie Johnson popped out for an afternoon stroll along Kite Beach in Umm Suqeim, she didn’t expect to see Sheikh Mohammed and his entourage, and she certainly didn’t expect to walk alongside them… “I was so excited, you can tell from my face,” she said laughing. “I was such a nerd.”

No, you weren’t Natalie, we would’ve been exactly the same.

Do you have any great Sheikh Mohammed experiences? Share you stories with us below in the comments section.

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